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Peer Mentors Opportunity in Engineering: STEM Success

Posted by Tim on February 21, 2022 in Academics, Honors Experiences, Networking

Peer Mentor Position Description: STEM Success
Are you passionate about STEM education and helping other students succeed? If so, this is the right job for you! Peer mentors get paid to help new students navigate their first year in engineering at UB. You’ll be a buddy, a coach, and an advocate for your mentee(s) starting in summer 2022 and continuing through the 2022-23 school year.
Our ideal mentors have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, want to help first year students successfully transition from high school to college, and are enthusiastic about developing leadership and mentoring experience. They’re supportive, willing to learn, and excited to share their knowledge with others.
What will I do as a peer mentor?
• Reach out to mentees starting in summer 2022 and sustain the mentoring relationship throughout the 2022-2023 academic year.
• Attend leadership, professional development, and academic skills workshops and other events with your mentees.
• Document mentee interactions and mentoring activities via the Navigate platform.
• Participate in training to ensure you’re well-prepared to serve as a mentor.
How much time will this take?
• Mentors are paid for approximately 6 hours a week during the semester, including direct contact with your mentor (in person or via text/writing), office hours for peer mentoring groups, and weekly meetings for professional development.
• Additional training sessions will occasionally also be required.
What will I do over the summer? Do I have to be on campus?
• Most mentees will be enrolled in ULC 148, Pre-Calculus, in a five-week summer term. Mentors will be asked to sit in on one class per week (Zoom) to get to know their mentees. You can do this from wherever you’re at over the summer.
Peer Mentor Required Qualifications
• Enrolled in a SEAS major in spring 2022
• Sophomore, Junior, or Senior status in fall 2022
• 2.75 GPA and good academic standing in SEAS
• No disciplinary holds
What are the benefits of being a peer mentor?
• Populate your resume with meaningful leadership and coaching experience.
• Opportunities to connect with SEAS faculty, staff, and leadership to promote student success
• Add a CRLA peer mentor certification to your resume.
• Money! You’ll receive a stipend for each semester that totals $2000 – $500 stipend to be paid for the Summer Semester and $750 stipend(s) for both Fall and Spring semesters. * You may be paid in campus cash if you hold other campus jobs and/or have work-study*
What am I committing to if I apply and get hired?
• Commit to being a mentor for the ENTIRE 2022-2023 academic year, also including a 5-week period in Summer 2022.
• Proactively engage with students throughout the entire academic year and meet with them individually (In-person/Online) at least (4) times per semester.
• Thoroughly document all your engagements in the Navigate system Weekly
• Be responsive to program administrators when contacted
• Check-in with program administrators on a monthly basis
• Attend and Participate in Peer Mentoring events
How to apply?
Submit your application online! Contact if you have questions.