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PSY 485 Neuroengineering Fall 2022 Open Seats

Posted by Tim on June 27, 2022 in Academics

Building Better Brains
Course Description:
Smart phones have become an essential element of most people’s lives making it possible to
keep up with what’s happening locally and globally, as well as to avoid keeping up with
what’s happening locally or globally through endless entertainment options. Right now, using
your smart phone requires your brain to interact with a computer through your fingers. What
would happen, however, if your brain could interact directly with your phone and other
computers without any outward evidence that you are doing anything? What if brains could
be modified in such a way that phones could generate images directly within your awareness
without the need for any external physical screen? Technologies are edging closer and closer
to these seemingly fanciful possibilities. Neuroengineering research focuses on understanding
how technology can be merged with biology to repair, maintain, and enhance people’s
mental and physical capacities. This course will explore the latest advances in
neurotechnologies and the various ways in which such technologies can be used to
fundamentally change the ways that brains work.

TIME/DAYS: 3:30-­4:50pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays
INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Eduardo Mercado

Dr. Eduardo Mercado III is a Professor of Psychology and Fellow of the Center for Advanced Studies at Stanford. He has academic training in computer science, electrical engineering, the philosophy of science, experimental psychology, behavioral ecology, and neuroscience, and is
a certified dolphin trainer. He currently directs the Center for Cognitive Science at the University at Buffalo, as well as the Neural and Cognitive Plasticity laboratory and the Dog Cognition laboratory.