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Research Associate Opportunity at Oshei

Posted by Tim on September 20, 2019 in Honors Experiences, Networking, Research Information and Opportunities

The Emergency Department of the John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital is recruiting new Research Associates to help the principal investigators on subjects’ enrollment.  The studies the RAs will be involved with include randomized drug trials, survey studies, trauma studies, chart review studies etc. 

This position will offer the RA a unique opportunity to learn about how to conduct clinical studies and gain some valuable experience with patient family’s interaction in an ED setting. 

This is a volunteer position, no payment or benefit will be offered.      

The research associate’s job duties include:

  1. Screening, consenting and enrolling eligible patients in studies
  2. Conducting phone follow-ups 
  3. Data collection and data entry


  1. Pre-med undergraduate students who have interests in pursuing MD, DO, nursing, PA, PT, or other medical related program.
  2. Can commit at least two years for this position.
  3. Can work at least 4-5 hours/week (day or evening time) from Monday to Sunday.
  4. A dedicated hard worker.

Please send your resume to the study coordinator Dr. Haiping Qiao.  Her email address is