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Research Opportunity: Behavioral Studies of Addiction

Posted by Tim on October 25, 2019 in Research Information and Opportunities

Addiction research lab is seeking an undergraduate research assistant to help in behavioral studies of addiction. We use a variety of molecular techniques, including viral vectors and chemogenetics to probe neural circuits involved in addiction. You will get the opportunity to learn surgical techniques including brain infusions, and jugular catheters, as applied to cocaine self-administration models in rats. You will also have the potential to assist in other experiments in the lab. Please check our website at for more information about our lab and the type of studies we do. To apply please send a brief description of your career goals, a copy of your transcripts, your schedule, and a resume. We are specifically looking for help in the morning hours, and require 10 hours per week. If your schedule doesn’t fit this semester we may be able to accommodate until next semester. Please note we are in the downtown campus, and are able to provide a subway pass, but you must plan sufficient time for transportation.