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Students for a National Health Program

Posted by Tim on October 28, 2020 in Uncategorized

Interested in advocating for changes in healthcare policy and health equity? Join Buffalo’s Students for a National Health Program chapter (SNaHP). As the voice of the future, it is our role to enact change and bring about reform in the current healthcare system. As evidently shown by the pandemic we are living through, the United States healthcare system is nowhere near perfect. Millions and millions of Americans are living through this pandemic without sufficient health care coverage and inadequate access to health care. SNaHP fosters an inclusive community allowing students and physicians to come together to push for change and create a strong mentor-mentee network. Students all over the nation work together to push for fundamental reform, coordinate speakers and forums, and attend numerous conferences advocating for healthcare reform. Contact Simran Gill at if you are interested in joining SNaHP or if you would like more information.