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Tutoring and Academic Support Services Fall 2021 Workshops

Posted by Tim on September 13, 2021 in Academics, Tutoring, Workshops

TASS Success Workshops
Success workshops are for all undergraduate students needing an academic boost, extra study tips and help staying motivated.

“Road Map to Success”
Wednesday, September 8 6:00pm (Live in the TASS Center, 130 Capen Hall)
Description: Adjusting to being back on campus can be challenging. Learn how to map out your success with online and face to face classes in a post pandemic world.
Presented by TASS Staff

“Taking the Wheel”
Thursday, September 23 5:00pm
Description: Positive Mindset, Motivation, Grit and Determination–the necessary tools to get you in control of your journey.
Presented by TASS Staff

“Avoiding the Bumps”
Wednesday, October 6 4-6pm (Live in the TASS Center 130 Capen Hall or on ZOOM)
Description: Are you having trouble steering and staying on the path. Drop in anytime between 4-6pm and visit with a TASS Academic Coach to get some strategies on how to stay on the right path.

“Crossing the Finish Line”
Thursday, October 21 5:00pm
Description: Tips and strategies on how to finish the semester strong.
Presented by TASS Staff.