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UB School of Social Work Offering Undergraduate and Graduate Courses in Racial Justice

Posted by Tim on August 6, 2020 in Academics, Community Announcements

The University at Buffalo School of Social Work’s curriculum offers a wide variety of courses with different themes. In light of the current social climate in support of Black Lives Matter and other social just movements, we wish to highlight courses that have a significant racial equity/justice focus in the course description. These courses help students improve understanding of structural racism, anti-racist practice strategies and diversity.  In Fall 2020, the courses that emphasize racial equity/justice include both undergraduate and graduate options. Undergraduate options: SW150: Social Media in Social Change SW199: When We Fight We Win – Activism and Paths to Social Justice SW220: Intro to Community Organizing and Development SW225: Perspectives on Child Maltreatment & Advocacy Graduate options: SW523: Social Action for Community Change SW560: Nature and Treatment of Alcohol and Other Drug Problems SW563: Advanced Policy Development and Analysis SW566: Social Services with Children, Youth, Families SW569: Community Social Work SW576: Child Abuse and Neglect SW722: Restorative Justice Certificate (2-credit) SW725: Reproductive Justice SW997: Special Topics – Community Social Work in Action (1-credit)