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Undergraduate Internship/Independent Study Position

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Site: University at Buffalo, Office of Success and Retention (SSR)
Time frame: Spring 2019

Start date: a few days before the start of UB classes. Time off during semester breaks and in
between semesters will be permitted.
Supervisor: Vivian Jimenez, Assistant Director (SSR)
Lia Hallett, Assistant Director (SSR)
Darren Portis, Senior Academic Advisor (CAS)

Primary duties and responsibilities:

  1. Assist students with strengthening, developing and practicing the skills and strategies needed to
    succeed in college (academically and holistically)
  2. Coaches will be present in the regular weekly meetings of the course (see sections on p.2)
    a. Monitor students during class; participate in and elicit class discussion; and also assist the
    instructor and course assistant with class preparation/presentation when needed.
  3. Coaches will be assigned to a “caseload” of 5-8 students from the class:
    1. Coaches will meet with students (one-on-one and/or virtually via UBLearns) on a weekly basis (outside of formal class meeting time, as the 3 rd hour of class)
      1. At these meetings they will check assignments, discuss any issues, make appropriate referrals to any additional resources and assist students in becoming more familiar with UB.
    2. Coaches will check in with Course Assistant (Graduate Intern/Co-Instructor) on a regular basis and as necessary should any issues arise.

Time Commitment:

  • As per the requirements of the credit bearing course associated with this Internship/Independent
    Study, the student will complete ON AVERAGE, 10 hours per week over a 15 week periods during
    the spring 2019 semester (January 2019-May 2019). (Felixibilty is permitted within reason).


  •  3 Credits as per a CPM (or other approved) 495/499 internship or independent study course.

NOTE: After the 2nd week the M,W,F sections DO NOT meeting formally on Friday and the T,R section
will end at 10:20 am; this is to allow time for students to meet with the Peer coaches either during tat
time or at another mutually convenient time.

CPM203 Coach application (2)