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Virtual Study Abroad to Italy-Winter 2022

Posted by Tim on October 11, 2021 in Academics, Honors Experiences, Study Abroad

  1. Virtual (Italy): Lorenzo de’ Medici (UB)

Application Deadline: Monday, November 15

LdM’s distance learning program is an exciting academic opportunity for students to connect with peers from all around the world while gaining invaluable insight into a variety of subjects for which Italy is world-renowned, from art history to fashion marketing, wine business, and gastronomy.

Students will enroll in 1 – 2 courses (3 – 6 credits), and follow lessons from Monday, January 3 – Monday, January 24, 2022. A mandatory orientation will be held on Thursday, December 30, 2021. Click here to view the Winter 2022 LdM Course Offerings. Many of the winter courses currently listed on the LdM webpage have already been reviewed by UB departments and approved courses can be found on our website and/or in TAURUS. For example, the following LdM ONLINE courses have already been reviewed/approved for specific UB requirements:

  • ANC 215F/HIS 215F: Florentia: The Ancient Roots of Florence (LdM) > APPROVED for Global Pathway – UB Area – Civilization & History
  • ART 186F: Art History II: High Renaissance to the Present (LdM) > APPROVED for AHI 102LR: Survey of Art History: Italian Renaissance to Present (UB); APPROVED for Global Pathway – UB Area – Arts
  • BUS 250F: International Business (LdM) > APPROVED for GEO 330LEC: Dynamics of International Business (UB); APPROVED for Global Pathway – UB Area – Civilization & History OR Social Sciences
  • BUS 252F/IGC 252F: Wine Business & Marketing (LdM) > APPROVED for Global Pathway – No UB Area
  • GND 280F/PSY 280F: Love and Natural Selection: Science and Myth (LdM) > APPROVED for Global Pathway – UB Area – Humanities OR Social Sciences
  • PSY 320F: Psychology of Art and Human Creativity (LdM) > APPROVED for Global Pathway – UB Area – Arts OR Social Sciences
  • ITL 101F: Italian Language Elementary 1 (LdM) > APPROVED for Global Pathway – UB Area – Humanities OR Languages

**Please note that this list of course articulations is continually growing. If you would like additional courses reviewed for UB equivalents and/or Global Pathway requirement(s), please contact our office for further assistance.

Click here to view estimated costs for the virtual Winter 2022 LdM program.

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