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Posted by Madeline on February 16, 2018 in Uncategorized

I can’t believe it’s been a week since I last posted, just like they warned us at orientation, time is flying!
Unfortunately, last Wednesday, I came down with a cold that I am only now just getting over! Because of that, the past week has been tough to balance wanting to keep exploring Florence while resting to get healthy. I ended up needing to visit the doctor this Tuesday to get medication! Thankfully, that seems to be working.
Last Friday night, my friends and I walked to the Fiorentina Stadium (30 min walk!!) for the biggest rivalry of the season; the Fiorentina vs Juventus Calcio (soccer) Game at 9 pm. Sadly, we weren’t in the super hyped section across the field where people were standing, cheering/jumping and waving giant flags the whole game. In a small section in the corner, the Juventus crowd was just as mighty despite their small crowd -waving their flags and jumping and cheering with gusto. Although Fiorentina lost 2-0 and it was freezing that night, it was still fun to see the Italian spirit for their teams!

Saturday, two of my roommates and I took a bus to the small hill town of Fiesole. The bus ride itself was beautiful looking out the window as we climbed higher and higher above Florence. We began to see the countryside on the outskirts and more green fields and hills. When we got off, we had to search a bit for the hiking path that led to lookouts of the city and vineyards or farms. The sun was shining bright which was lovely to feel, but not so great for photos, so I didn’t get many from the trip! All about the walls of the city surrounding tiny roads barely wide enough to fit cars, there were small paintings of parts of Fiesole hanging up, I’m not sure if there was a specific purpose for them or not. There was also some sort of vine climbing over the yellow-tinted walls, which I loved the look of.
Just today actually, my roommate and friend Lucy and I wandered around across the river. Before walking to the renowned Michelangelo Square with a beautiful outlook over all of Florence, we walked up a different road and ended up at the back end of the Boboli Gardens behind the Palazzo Vecchio. We didn’t enter –it cost 7 euro; not bad, but we had other plans for the day– but we got to see one of the few sections of city wall that still remains, and the fortress.

Lucy being a dwarf in the fortress doorway, although she didn’t really need to crouch down for that effect…

On the way up the hill, there were beautiful stone walls and some lovely tiled steps that I had to get a picture of!

After crossing down the hill, then back up the next for the Michelangelo Square, we made it to the top where other tourists were about taking pictures of the view…I joined in to snag a couple myself.

It was a bit overcast today, so the city seemed like it had a thin mist covering it. It was cool to be unable to make out everything quite so clearly from above, when you didn’t notice at all on the ground.
And to wrap up the night, Lucy and I traversed back across the river for a tasty dinner at Il Guscio, where we shared a plate of risotto made with pear and gorgonzola, and tagliatelle with rabbit and black olive ragu. Two very different flavors, but both delicious and interesting!
Also, just to brag a little, I had gelato two nights in a row this week:)

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