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L3Harris Communication Systems Information Session…Full-time Jobs and Internship Opportunities October 11

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This event is for students to learn more about L3Harris Communications Systems located in
Rochester NY, along with full time and internship opportunities within Tactical Communications.
For Juniors and Seniors working towards a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer
Engineering, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Wireless Engineering, Information
Security, Mathematics, Digital Arts & Sciences, or related field

DATE: October 11th, 2022
TIME: 12 p.m.
LOCATION: 107 Capen Hall (Colloquium Room)

Please RSVP By October 9th here:


LinkedIn Optimization for Entrepreneurs and Innovators October 5, October 12 and November 2

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LinkedIn Optimization for Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Wednesdays, October 5th, 12th, and November 2nd from 2-3:00 pm ET, Zoom (attend 1 or all sessions)

Register to participate:

Be part of this three-part virtual series Wednesdays at 2pm where Terry will explore how you might:

  • Set up your LinkedIn profile for success, communicating why your audience would want to work with you and your company;
  • Consistently create content that engages your audience and encourages meaningful interactions;
  • Initiate and advance authentic one-on-one conversations with members of your target audience;
  • Generate leads, speaking engagements and partnerships by building your authority on the platform; and
  • Use LinkedIn as an ongoing networking and personal branding opportunity, while also measuring the impact.

COVID and Flu Vaccine Clinics on Campus

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The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, in conjunction with UB Health Services, are offering the latest bivalent COVID Booster and flu vaccines. Each clinic is open 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.and no appointment is necessary. Bring your UB ID and insurance card. The vaccine is free with insurance or $35 without an insurance card. 

· Tuesdays: UB Student Union | North Campus | Rooms 145B and 145E

· Wednesdays: UB Harriman Hall | South Campus | Room 105

· Thursdays: Jacobs School of Medicine | Downtown Campus | Room 2211A


The Royal Pitches – Unplugged Concert

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UB’s all-female a cappella group will be performing a concert completely mic-less! Join us for an evening of music and guest performances! Hear some of your fellow Honors College students on October 14th, 2022 at 7:30 P.M. in Norton 190. Tickets for UB students are only $5! You don’t wanna miss this!
For more information, follow @theroyalpitches on Instagram or visit our website,


Exploring the “Hidden Curriculum” of Applying to Graduate School-Graduate School of Education: Events September 26, 27, 29, 30 and October 3

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As we begin a new academic year at the University at Buffalo, we are excited to connect with and learn more about the future class of Graduate School of Education studentsincluding students like you! 

Join us for one (or many) of our virtual events from September 26 to October 3 to learn more about all aspects of Graduate School you might not already know. Applying to graduate school can be daunting, so we are hosting a week on how to navigate the admissions process and life as a graduate student. Use the button below to register for one, or all of our events. 

Hidden Curriculum: Grad School 101
Sept. 26 at 6 p.m. ET
This webinar will provide you with a detailed look at the process of searching for,  applying to, and enrolling in the graduate program that is right for you

Hidden Curriculum: Helpful Tips for Letters of Recommendation
Sept. 27 at 6 p.m. ET
We’ll go behind the scenes and discuss the process of choosing the best references for you to write letters of recommendation.

Hidden Curriculum: Resume Writing for Grad School
Sept. 29 at 1 p.m. ET

This webinar will provide you with a detailed look at the process of writing a professional resume. 

Hidden Curriculum: Writing your Statement of Interest
Video recording with Live Q&A on Sept. 30 at 6 p.m. ET

View our video recording on the tips and strategies for writing your personal statement or statement of interest. Join our live Q&A session to ask any questions that were not addressed in the video.

Hidden Curriculum: Funding For Grad School
Oct. 3 at 6 p.m. ET
You are invited to join us for an Admission and Financial Aid Webinar at UB’s Graduate School of Education where we discuss ways to finance your graduate education.


UB Counseling Groups Fall 2022

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In order to participate in a group, students must complete a Needs Assessment with a UBCS counselor.
Contact Counseling Services for more information.
Identity-Based Groups Black  Support Group LGBTQ+ Support Group International Student Support Group Graduate/Non-traditional Student Support Group  Skill-Based Groups
Coping Skills
Flourish Group
*Emotional Wellness
*Getting Unstuck: Tools for Academic Success 
* 5-week group, offered twice during the semester***
Understanding Self and Others Groups
Connections Perfectly Imperfect: Art Journaling GroupCoping and Connecting (Drop-in Group)
Mindfulness-Based Groups
Mindful Self-Compassion iRest
*Yoga to Manage Moods
* 5-week group, offered twice during the semester***

Identity-Based Groups

Black Student Support Group

  • Wednesdays 2:30-4:00 pm – In-Person (Richmond, North Campus)

The Black Student Support group is a space dedicated entirely to the experience of being Black. We invite members of the African diaspora to come together to create community and dialogue around what it means for you to be Black. In this group we will discuss various topics including culture, racial/ethnic identity, colorism, intersectionality, family, the diversity

LGBTQ+ Support Group

  • Wednesdays  3:00-4:30 pm – Online

The LGBTQ+ Support Group is a safe space for students of all LGBTQ+ identities to build a sense of community. The group serves as a place to discuss and explore topics related to these identities, which may include coming out / not coming out, relationships with family and friends, dating and intimate relationships, transitioning, and other life experiences related to being an LGBTQ+ person. Topics may also include non-identity related life stressors that students want to discuss.

International Student Support Group

  • Mondays 3:00-4:30 pm – Online
    This group provides a safe, supportive, and comfortable place for international students to discuss adjustment stressors and cross-cultural experiences in the U.S. The group also creates a safe and confidential environment for group members to share information and support each other.

Graduate and Non-Traditional Student Support Group

  • Tuesdays 2:30-4:00 pm – In-Person (Richmond, North Campus)

This group is designed to allow graduate and non-traditional students to explore the unique challenges they face in a safe and supportive environment. It can help students explore their identity, find new ways of relating to others, recognize how stressors impact them, and share personal experiences. The group can assist students in finding alternative ways of looking at life’s challenges to enable the development of healthier coping strategies.

Understanding Self and Others Groups


  • Thursdays 1:00-2:30 pm –  Online

This group provides a warm and supportive environment where members can experiment constructively in a confidential environment with new ways of relating to others, share personal experiences, express fears and concerns, and get support and feedback. People participate in this group for a number of reasons including having difficulties in relationships, finding their relationships are not satisfying, being curious about how others perceive them, and seeking support when experimenting with new relational behaviors.

Perfectly Imperfect: Art Journaling Group *** 5-week group, offered twice during the semester***

  • Tuesdays 2:00-3:30 pm – In-Person (Michael, South Campus)

Do you feel like what you accomplish is never quite good enough? Do you worry about making mistakes or failing at something? Perfectly Imperfect offers a reflective and playful time for self-connection and uses expressive art activities to learn ways to let go of perfectionism, develop self-compassion, and embrace who you are. Art journaling relies on the use of art supplies and creative techniques without the necessary pressure of a perfect result. The group offers an alternative means of self-expression and connecting with others.  No previous experience with art in needed and all supplies will be provided.

Coping and Connecting____***Drop-in Group***

  • Thursdays 3:00-4:30 pm – Online

This is an open group for students to increase understanding of their current experiences and to find ways to cope and connect with others. Attention will be given to our unique individual experiences and to the contexts in which we experience them, in order to increase the capacity to respond more compassionately to ourselves and to one another.

Skill-Based Groups

Coping Skills

  • Tuesdays 3:00-4:30 pm – Online

This structured group will teach skills to live in the present, deal with stress, manage difficult emotions, and handle interpersonal conflict in effective ways.

Flourish Group

  • Wednesdays 2:00-3:30 pm – Online

A structured group for women who want to explore their relationship with body image, food, and emotions. This group is for individuals who are in various stages of preoccupation with food and body image concerns. Skills will be taught to live more intentionally and mindfully in the present, deal with stress, manage difficult emotions, and handle interpersonal conflict. Participants will also learn to connect with and live in their bodies more effectively.

Emotional Wellness            *** 5-week group, offered twice during the semester***

  • Wednesdays 2:00-3:30 pm–  Online

This structured group will provide students with education and coping strategies to help with stress, anxiety, and mood management.  Some of the topics covered may include self-care, relaxation and effective stress management, coping with anxiety in healthy ways, and increasing positive emotions.

Getting Unstuck: Tools for Academic Success    *** 5-week group, offered twice during the semester***

  • Thursdays 12:00-1:30 pm – Online

Are you feeling stuck in your studying – finding yourself easily distracted or procrastinating? This group teaches psychological tools to help students better manage the thoughts and feelings that can negatively impact academic functioning, and helps students to act more in line with their academic goals.  

Mindfulness-Based Groups

Mindful Self-Compassion

  • Wednesdays 12:30-2:00 pm – Online

Self-compassion involves being warm and understanding toward ourselves when we suffer, fail, or feel inadequate. Self-compassion is the opposite of ignoring our pain or punishing ourselves with self-judgment. Research suggest that the skills of mindfulness and self-compassion can help people regulate emotions, engage in healthy self-care, and respond to adversity in resilient ways. This group will help students learn the skills of mindfulness and self-compassion in order to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and life challenges in healthy and balanced ways.

iRest Meditation

  • Thursdays 3:00-4:30 pm – Online

iRest meditation recognizes that we interpret our human experiences through our constantly changing thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. This yoga-based meditation practice incorporates psychology and neuroscience in training group members to welcome, connect with and engage these changing (and sometimes strong) states, while in a relaxed state. Members will learn to focus and release attention in a way that cultivates concentration, letting go when feeling stuck and tapping into wholeness of Being; which is always present, despite the ups and downs of life. This can lead to a stronger sense of feeling secure and safe with ourselves, while also feeling more connected to ourselves and others.  No previous meditation experience needed.

Yoga to Manage Moods    *** 5-week group, offered twice during the semester***

  • Thursdays 12:00-1:00 pm – Online

A co-ed Hatha Yoga group that provides a holistic approach to mood and symptom management.  Using a combination of gentle physical poses, breathing and relaxation techniques, this group allows participants to feel more connected and balanced within the body and mind.  A trauma sensitive, person-centered approach will be utilized and no previous yoga experience is necessary.For more information, Contact Counseling Services  


The Tool Library Fall Service Days 2022

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Throw on that flannel, tie up those boots (w/ the fur), and join us this fall to improve the places we love. We believe that a strong community is a civically engaged community. We put our tools to work on large-scale community projects such as neighborhood clean-ups, tree-plantings, community gardens, and public art installations.

We’re excited to announce our Fall 2022 line-up of events! Most events take place on Saturday mornings and last no longer than three hours. All necessary tools, equipment and gear will be provided by The Tool Library. We do recommend you wear comfortable shoes and clothing you don’t mind getting dirty 🙂

Please bring your cellphone as volunteers will need to sign a digital waiver before each event.

Please join us at one of our upcoming service events:

  • Saturday, October 1st @ 10AM – Perkins Park Cleanup
  • Saturday, October 8th @ 10AM – Tyler Street Gardens Work Day
  • Saturday, October 15th @ 10AM – William Gaiter Parkway Planting
  • Saturday, October 22nd @ 10AM – Bailey-Dartmouth Garden Work Day
  • Saturday, October 29th @ 10AM – Dewey Park Tree Care & Cleanup

Saturday, November 5th @ 9AM – ReTree Fall Planting



New Student Program Opportunity: TechBuffalo’s Future Innovators & Tech Trailblazers program

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APPLY TODAY: Winter & Spring 2023 Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs Spots still available!

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Study Abroad this winter or spring on one of the following faculty-led programs that still have spots available!

ITALY: UB Classics in the Mediterranean Travel to Rome and Naples this January and earn 3 credits (CL 391: Art & Archaeology of Rome) for a UB Global Pathway (Arts/Humanities/Civilization and History Area) course and/or apply it to a relevant major or minor. The application deadline is Sunday, October 2, so apply today!

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UNITED KINGDOM: Culture and Performance Appreciation in London Travel to London this January and earn 3 credits (TH 325 Performance & the Critic) for a UB Global Pathway UB Arts Area course and/or apply it to a relevant major or minor. The application deadline is Sunday, October 2, so apply today!

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UNITED KINGDOM: UB Semester in London Live, study and work in Londonthis Spring 2023 semester and earn 12-15 credits that can satisfy UB Global Pathway courses and/or apply it to a relevant major or minor. The application deadline is Sunday, October 9, so apply today!

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Volunteer Opportunity with City Swim Project…ELA and Math Tutors Needed

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The City Swim Project of Buffalo, NY is in need of tutors to assist students in reading and math. They have purchased the IXL assessment software and tablets for students and tutors to use.  IXL assesses student needs in ELA and math and generates lessons for a tutor to review with students.  If you are looking for a service learning experience or volunteer hours, etc. please consider this opportunity.

They’d like to start the program next week, September 20th and 22nd and continue through the semester into December on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  There will be three 45 minute sessions each day for different age groups: 5-5:45, 6-6:45 and 7-7:45. The tutoring will take place at the William-Emsley Family YMCA located at 585 William St, Buffalo, NY 14206.  Once a student completes their tutoring session they are eligible to participate in a free learn to swim class right after the tutoring session each day.

If you interested, (even if you can’t start next week), please  contact Dr. Sue Baldwin at 716-523-9669 or via email at