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Experiential Learning Network Student Project Opportunities

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 Applications Now Open!
All SUNY Students Welcome
Are you ready to make a world of difference this fall?
The UB Experiential Learning Network is seeking SUNY students to participate in virtual project challenges addressing sustainability and development around the world.
Browse Project Challenges and Partners

Express Your Interest

**This opportunity is supported through a recent IITG Grant that invites SUNY students and faculty to engage in SDG Project Challenges. Students may connect projects with their own programs and departments or work independently with support of identified mentors and ELN staff. We are also seeking interested faculty to serve as mentors, recommend partners, and/or integrate projects into courses or programs of study. Contact to discuss your interest or questions.

Honors College Photo Library

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Do you want to be more involved with the Honors College? Do you want to be featured on the Honors College Instagram? Upload photos to our NEW Honors College Photo Library! We want to see all the amazing things our Honors Scholars are up to!

Click the link to upload your photos and be featured on our social media platforms:


Informational Meeting for the Honors College Think Tank in the 2023-24 school year

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Dear Honors Scholars, 

What issues matter most to you? The climate crisis? Systemic racism? Inequality? Educational reform? The Prison-Industrial Complex? The War on Drugs? Civil liberties? Voter suppression? 

Whatever your concerns are, chances are there are other students who share them. 

If you are interested in doing interdisciplinary research with a team of fellow Honors scholars, consider coming to an organizing meeting for the Honors College Think Tank. 

Think Tanks are institutions that bring together people to examine problems in society and advocate policy prescriptions to fix them. 

On March 16th at 3:30 PM, we will hold a meeting in Capen 106C outlining the course:

  • students will take a 1-credit course in the fall to learn about think tanks, policy papers, and organize into working groups. 
  • This will be followed in the spring by the working groups researching their topic and creating policy papers under the guidance of a faculty advisor in a 3-credit mentored research collaboration. 

The finished projects will be presented at the end of April 2024. 

Students will also earn 4 Honors Experience credits for the year.  

This will be a student-driven initiative with students choosing and defining their topics and organizing their working groups. Working group leaders will be chosen by each team. 

If you’re interested, please RSVP → 

PS: Email if you’re interested but can’t make the meeting or if you have any questions.

Attached is a QR code for the google form.

 Qr code

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New Student Program Opportunity: TechBuffalo’s Future Innovators & Tech Trailblazers program

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New Indigenous Studies Minor and Fall 2022 Courses

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The Department of Indigenous Studies will offer an undergraduate minor, effective in Fall 2022. The minor provides an introduction to the interdisciplinary field of Indigenous Studies. Our approach to learning centers Indigenous experiences in regional, national and international contexts through exposure to course work on Indigenous knowledge systems, land-based learning, history, politics, languages, gender, media representation, Indigenous- settler relations, literature and art.

The IDS minor will require a total of at least 18 credits and 3 tracks will be offered:

  • General Indigenous Studies Track
  • Haudenosaunee Language Track
  • Land-Based Learning Track

The Department of Indigenous Studies will administer the program.  I will be providing academic advising to minor students. Please email me for more information: Amanda Casali

Additionally, IDS has release a complete list of our Fall 2022 courses (IDS, TUS, MOH), attached is a pdf flyer to share with students.

  • IDS 100 – Indigenous Learning Community (1cr.) – This is a learning community  geared towards incoming Indigenous and IDS Minor students to find community of a large campus, check in weekly, and navigate their college experience, using cultural responsive and traditional Indigenous teachings methods to promote student success.
  • IDS 101 – Intro to Indigenous Studies (3 cr.)
  • IDS 103 – Intro to Haudenosaunee Language and Culture (3 cr.)
  • IDS 104 – Intro to Land-Based Learning (3 cr.)
  • IDS 204 – Indigenous Enviromental Justice (3 cr.)
  • IDS 231 – Survey of Indigenous History (3 cr.)
  • IDS 310 – Special Topics – Afro-Indigeneity, Anti-Blackness, & Decolonization (3 cr.)
  • MOH 101 – Intro to Mohawk Language (4 cr.)
  • TUS 101 – Intro to Tuscarora Language (4 cr.)

Department of Indigenous Studies Open House April 28

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Thursday, April 28
5:30pm to 7:00pm
508 Clemens Hall
Check out the IDS Office and student center

Explore Fall 2022 Courses

Meet IDS Professors

Enjoy food and drinks!

Learn about the new IDS Minor

Questions, want to learn more: or 716-645-7923


Minor in American Sign Language

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A minor in American Sign Language (ASL) is a very useful complement to majors at the University at
Buffalo such as Communication, Health and Human Services, Law, Nursing, Occupational
Science/Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Psychology, Public Health, Sociology, Speech and
Hearing Science, and Theatre. The ASL minor allows you to develop your language proficiency and
knowledge of ASL culture, while also concentrating on other fields of study. For more information,
please go to or
email Andrew Byrne, Director of the ASL Program at

Frequently Asked Questions
• By taking ASL 101 and 102, you can fulfill the Language and Culture track for the Global Pathways
component of the UB Curriculum.
• ASL 101 and 102 are usually offered during summer sessions.
• You can take ASL 211 any time during the minor period.
• The ASL minor does not lead to certification to be an ASL-English interpreter. However, the ASL
program helps prepare you for the admission of an ASL-English interpreting program in the U.S.
• A grade of 72% (C) or better is required in all ASL courses taken toward the minor.
• Placement assessment is available – start at the ASL language class that is right for you!


Opportunity for Underrepresented Groups Exploring Graduate Studies in Neuroscience

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We are excited to inform you about Columbia Neuroscience Access (CAN), a new program hosted by Columbia University in the City of New York to increase participation of students from underrepresented groups in Neuroscience research. This two-day (virtual) program offers highly motivated candidates’ information on subjects including how to compose a competitive application, how to navigate graduate school interviews and about life as a PhD student, as well as talks about the latest neuroscience research. Participating CAN students will also be able to network with faculty and students and will have the option of enrolling in the CAN-buddy program to receive continued guidance on how to improve their graduate school candidacy, including preparing their application package.

We would be grateful if you could bring this opportunity to the attention of qualified prospective applicants currently enrolled in your program and share the attached flyer. Deadline to apply is February 25, 2022. More information can be found at

Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments or questions at

On behalf of the entire CAN team,

Andrés Villegas

Ph.D. Candidate

Columbia University, Neurobiology & Behavior


ES 256 Principles of Coaching Open Seats and New Coaching Minor Spring 2022

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The following course is open to all students and will be offered this spring. This is a required course for a new coaching minor. The minor will be effective in Fall ’22.

ES 256 Principles of Coaching – 3 credits, Lecture, remote w/some in-person classes required

This course examines the theories and principles of effective coaching, including philosophy, ethics, strategies, team motivation and organization, coach-athlete relationships, practice planning, and the administration of facilities, personnel, and contests.


UB’s Clinical Nutrition MS w/ Dietetic Internship will be launching our new two-year future education model dietitian program – accepting students for Fall 2022 entry

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Under the future education model, our program can now admit students with a bachelor’s degree in any major as long as they meet admissions requirements and have taken certain pre-requisite coursework. Applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree from a four-year college or university or its international equivalent with a 3.0 GPA or better. Students who have not completed all pre-requisite courses prior to submitting their application will still be considered for the program as long as no more than 2 pre-requisite courses are outstanding prior to the application deadline. Pre-requisites may be completed at most any regionally accredited 2- or 4-year institution. Basic science prerequisites must be taken within the past 10 years and nutrition courses must be taken within the past five years. The program no longer requires GRE scores.


Chemistry 1 & 2 with labs (CHE 101/113, 102/114)

Organic Chemistry* (CHE 201)

Biochemistry* (BIO 305)

Human Anatomy and Physiology* (ES 207)

Microbiology (MIC 301)

Statistics (STA 119)

Human Nutrition (NTR 401)

Lifecycle Nutrition (NTR 402)

Food Science (NTR 202 – Fall ’21)

Food Management (NTR 310 -Sp ’22)

Community Nutrition (PUB 440 with approval) ServeSafe Certified (various in person and online)

*For these courses, a lab is recommended but not required for admission

The priority application deadline for Fall semester admission is the preceding December 1. Applicants must submit a resume, statement of Intent, 3 letters of recommendation, to the graduate school application portal by the deadline to be considered for admission to the program.

Nicole Klem MS RDN CCMS (she/her)

Program Director

Clinical Nutrition Dietetic Internship

Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences School of Public Health and Health Professions University at Buffalo

716-829-5653 &

MS/DI on the Web || Instagram || Facebook UB Culinary Medicine Instagram