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UB Study Abroad May 2021 Alumni Spotlight

Posted by Tim on May 4, 2021 in Community Announcements, Study Abroad

We are happy to share the May 2021 edition of our UB Study Abroad Alumni Spotlight series which highlights the impact that studying abroad has had on the careers and lives of UB Alumni! Please feel free to share this with anyone you think might be interested and let us know if you have any students you’d like us to highlight in the future.

Meet Lukas Dickash, UB Study Abroad Alumnus, and hear him speak about how participating in UB’s International Christian University (ICU) Summer Program has allowed him to pursue a career in Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher. Lukas earned a B.A. in Linguistics with a concentration in Language, Society and Communication, and a minor in Japanese Studies, which helped him satisfy his degree requirements for his minor over the summer instead of needing to complete a full year at UB to do the same. He looks back on how his study abroad experience helped him achieve his dream of living and working in Japan!


Buffalo Urban Features Forum May 4

Posted by Tim on April 27, 2021 in Community Announcements, Event, Networking

The event is noon on May 4 and is called the Buffalo Urban Futures Forum, and at the moment we are expecting speakers / panelists from 43North, D’Youville College, and the Colored Musicians Club (potentially some others as well). If any of you, or perhaps someone else within the Honors College administration, would be interested in attending, this is the link where you can sign up:


UB Undergraduate Research Conference (July 22-23) Registration Now Open

Posted by Tim on April 27, 2021 in Community Announcements, Event, Research Information and Opportunities, Summer Research, Workshops

July 22-23, 2021  |  Virtual Event
Registration is now open!
Make plans now to join us for the 26th Annual University at Buffalo Undergraduate Research Conference, July 22- 23, 2021. Our virtual platform will deliver an innovative two-day event packed with a variety of opportunities to engage and connect. Expand your knowledge and network— join us to hear invited speakers and presenters address emerging trends and opportunities related to innovation, social justice and research as a catalyst for change.   The conference is an exciting opportunity to:  • Present faculty-supervised research. • Participate in pre-conference workshops. • Foster stimulating conversation around shared interests. • Connect with your peers and current graduate students from your field of study. • Engage with inspirational speakers and panels in a personal setting. • Attend a UB Graduate School information program and meet with faculty, staff and students.    Each day will begin at 9 a.m. EDT. Learn more about daily events by reviewing the online agenda.    We look forward to welcoming you to the conference this summer!


Registration Information
• Early bird registration ($80 per person) due by May 17.
• Regular registration ($100 per person) due by June 30.
• Presenter registration due by June 30.
• Presenter abstracts due by July 9.
Keynote Presentations
Imagining Ethical Land Relations and Marking Indigenous Presence in our Universities.
Mishuana Goeman, PhD
If You Don’t Own the [Servers]: Aggregating Blackness in the Digital Era.
Mark Anthony Neal, PhD
The World Needs Researchers. Now is Your Time.
Tara Ruttley, PhD

Pre-Conference Workshops
Prepare for an engaging and productive conference experience by participating in pre-conference video workshops.
Making the Most of Your Research Conference
Learn to successfully navigate a professional conference and discover tips and strategies to leverage your participation toward your professional and academic goals.
Presenting Your Research in a World of Skeptics
How to present your research so it is understood and valued.
Your Digital Identity
Academic digital platforms and how to use them effectively throughout graduate school and your professional career.  
Surviving and Thriving in Graduate School—You Belong!
Discover how to move beyond survival and thrive in graduate school—supporting your journey and mental health.

About the Conference

The University at Buffalo Undergraduate Research Conference brings together the next generation of professors, researchers, entrepreneurs and influencers to learn about graduate and professional opportunities, with a focus on diversifying the graduate student body at UB and across the nation.

Upcoming Research Talk: Race and Place in Washington, DC April 30

Posted by Tim on April 26, 2021 in Community Announcements, Event, Research Information and Opportunities

Research Talk Details
Friday, April 30 at 3:00 p.m.
“Race and Place in Washington, D.C.”

Abstract: This research talk will discuss the effects of gentrification and media on Black communities in Washington, D.C. This research analyzes Black media representation by comparing two Washington, D.C.-based newspapers: The Washington Post and The Prince of Popville. By searching for trends about the frequency and types of Black topics discussed in both newspapers, I argue that based on where Black people live in accordance to the media coverage they encompass, can show the effects of gentrification and Black displacement in D.C.

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Presenter: Amanda Waggoner

Amanda is currently a PhD student in the Department of Geography. She received her B.A. in geography and music and M.S. in geospatial analysis from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA. She studies racial disparities in urban environments, specifically, how place affects racial inequalities. 

She is also interested in ethnomusicology and how music affects the culture of people and vice-versa. She uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to map out her research.


April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month at UB (SAAM) Workshops and Events

Posted by Tim on April 19, 2021 in Community Announcements, Event, Workshops

As you may know, every April UB recognizes Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) as a time to raise public awareness about sexual violence, to educate and inspire our community to prevent it, and provide support for members of our community who have experienced it.  We are continuing last year’s online efforts so that we can continue to come together as a community, from a safe social distance. 

Please visit our Sexual Violence Prevention and Response page to view upcoming workshops, programs and events, and share it with your students. We would like to highlight our upcoming event The Men’s Story Project (MSP). The MSP takes place 4:00-6:00 PM on Thursday 4/15/21. In the MSP, men, boys, and folks who identify in any way with masculinity publicly share personal stories that help transform social ideas about masculinity – so as to support health and equality for all people. This event will be held via Zoom and is free for everyone, though registration is required. We also wanted to let our community know we continue to fulfill program requests on healthy relationships and violence prevention for classes and groups in our campus community. 

Additionally, I’d like to assure you that our sexual violence response services are still fully supported. Students, faculty, and staff can continue to confidentially connect with our UB-dedicated Advocate from Crisis Services by calling or texting 716-796-4399, or emailing  You can also click the following hyperlinks for more information on sexual violence prevention, response, and policies.

Follow our Facebook pages @theUBAlliance and @UBMensGroup for additional watch parties, chats, coloring pages, and more that will be posted throughout the month!


Plant Relocation Work Day Volunteers Needed for April 16

Posted by Tim on April 12, 2021 in Community Announcements, Event, Volunteering, Volunteers Needed

There is a major construction project happening this summer/fall on South.  Many of the established plants outside of Foster, facing Harriman Quad, will be disturbed as a result.  The project’s landscape architect has suggested that it is possible to save many of these plants, if we transplant them now—while they are still dormant. 

15-20 volunteers are needed April 16, 2021 at 11:00 am. Please wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty or wet. There will be pizza for all volunteers!

This would be a rain or shine event, and it’s a great way to ensure that these beautiful plants do not sustain damage during a future construction project! 

For more information or to sign up, please contact Erin Moscati at:


Honors College Presents: How to get involved in scientific research as an undergrad April 29

Posted by Tim on April 12, 2021 in Community Announcements, Event, Networking, Research Information and Opportunities, Workshops

Faculty Fellows week continues the last week of April with another Honors Faculty Fellows presentation !!!

How to get involved in scientific research as an undergrad

Via ZOOM – Thursday, April 29th

5:00 -6:30pm

Registration information coming soon!

– reservations close on 4/28 (6pm) and we will then email all registrants the zoom coordinates for the 4/29 event.

Looking to get involved in REAL RESEARCH while an undergraduate? Not sure how to start looking for a project or what it is like to work on a faculty member’s research project. Come join Professor Matthew Paul, Psychology, as he discusses research opportunities at UB.  See what he has to say on his own research on social behavior in animals and how undergrads play a vital role in his research program.


Honors College Faculty Fellow Panel Discussion-Academia in a time of covid April 28

Posted by Tim on April 12, 2021 in Community Announcements, Event, Honors Program Announcements, Networking, Workshops

Please join us for an Honors College Faculty Fellow panel discussion on Wednesday April 28th, 2021 6-7pm.  Please register using our RSVP link coming soon and we will email you the ZOOM coordinates for the panel discussion prior to the event.  Reservations close 4/27 at 6pm registration information coming soon!

Academia in a time of Covid

Panelists include:

Dr. Kelly Ahuna from the Office of Academic Integrity

Dr. Craig Centrie from the department of Africana and American Studies

Dr. Maya Chilvert from the department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Professor Debora Grossman from the School of Management


Taylor Coleman, Ph.D. abd, from the department of American Studies

When: Wednesday April 28, 6 pm to 7 pm.

This panel explores some of the ways the COVID 19 pandemic has impacted the University at Buffalo. Panelists will discuss how their fields have been changed in response to COVID -19 protocols and how and when things will return to normal. Panelists will also discuss some of the changes that may remain after the pandemic is just a memory.


Virtual Symposium Covid-19 Human Rights and International Cooperation April 30

Posted by Tim on April 12, 2021 in Community Announcements, Event, Networking, Workshops

The Alison Des Forges Memorial Committee Presents: An International Virtual Symposium on Covid-19 Human Rights and International Cooperation

Friday, April 30
8:30am to 3:00pm
Register for virtual conference or if you have questions by emailing:


Pride and Service Day

Posted by Tim on April 9, 2021 in Community Announcements, Event

UB Pride & Service Day 2021 is a campus-wide day of service where faculty, staff and students come together to engage with local nonprofit organizations and give back to the Buffalo community!

This event focuses on education and service related to a variety of social justice issues including but not limited to poverty, homelessness, sustainability, and education.
Student Engagement provides free transportation and lunch to all participants in this half-day of service on Saturday, May 1

Register your student organization as a volunteer team today!