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November Project Workshops from the Experiential Learning Network

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If you’re interested in mentored research or community projects, but don’t know where to start, attend a 1-hour Project Workshop hosted by the Experiential Learning Network. The workshop is designed to help you assess your current skills and areas for growth, explore potential projects and start one that aligns with your goals. At the end, you will be on your way to beginning a mentored project and earning a digital badge to display new skills and accomplishments on your resume or portfolio. Learn more or sign up to attend a workshop in early November!


Virtual Study Abroad to South Korea-Winter 2022

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  1. Virtual (South Korea): Korea University (UB)

Application Deadline: Friday, October 15

UB and Other SUNY students can participate remotely in Korea University’s International Winter Campus (IWC) program. The three-week academic program includes a variety of challenging courses taught by distinguished faculty from prestigious universities around the world.

Students will take one to two virtual courses for a total of 3-6 credits. Each class offers a full semester-load of coursework condensed into three weeks. With the exception of Korean language classes, all classes are taught in English and no prior knowledge of Korean is necessary for enrollment in these courses. Korea University is an AACSB accredited institution.

Click here to view estimated costs for the virtual Winter 2022 Korea University (KU) program.

SUNY Contact: Karen Joppe (

If interested, students may contact the Study Abroad Advising Assistant, Karen Joppe, directly via email ( or contact our office (201 Talbert Hall; 716-645-3912; to schedule an appointment! Appointments can be by phone, via Zoom, or in-person, based on your preference.


Peru Virtual Study Abroad-Winter 2022

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  1. Virtual (Peru): Global Citizenship Virtual Exchange Programs (SUNY Brockport)

Application Deadline: Friday, October 15

The Brockport Global Citizenship Virtual Exchange Programs were modeled after the SUNY Coil Global Commons program. In these Global Citizenship Virtual Exchange Programs, students will contribute to global sustainability by completing a project in small groups, in partnership with community based and nonprofit organizations around the world. Students will gain skills in intercultural communications and collaboration by completing a project for one of these partner organizations through the framework of the United Nations Sustainability Goals. Partner organizations around the world will work with groups of students to develop these stories and receive use of the final products.

SUNY Contact: Lindsay Lau (


Virtual Study Abroad to Italy-Winter 2022

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  1. Virtual (Italy): Lorenzo de’ Medici (UB)

Application Deadline: Monday, November 15

LdM’s distance learning program is an exciting academic opportunity for students to connect with peers from all around the world while gaining invaluable insight into a variety of subjects for which Italy is world-renowned, from art history to fashion marketing, wine business, and gastronomy.

Students will enroll in 1 – 2 courses (3 – 6 credits), and follow lessons from Monday, January 3 – Monday, January 24, 2022. A mandatory orientation will be held on Thursday, December 30, 2021. Click here to view the Winter 2022 LdM Course Offerings. Many of the winter courses currently listed on the LdM webpage have already been reviewed by UB departments and approved courses can be found on our website and/or in TAURUS. For example, the following LdM ONLINE courses have already been reviewed/approved for specific UB requirements:

  • ANC 215F/HIS 215F: Florentia: The Ancient Roots of Florence (LdM) > APPROVED for Global Pathway – UB Area – Civilization & History
  • ART 186F: Art History II: High Renaissance to the Present (LdM) > APPROVED for AHI 102LR: Survey of Art History: Italian Renaissance to Present (UB); APPROVED for Global Pathway – UB Area – Arts
  • BUS 250F: International Business (LdM) > APPROVED for GEO 330LEC: Dynamics of International Business (UB); APPROVED for Global Pathway – UB Area – Civilization & History OR Social Sciences
  • BUS 252F/IGC 252F: Wine Business & Marketing (LdM) > APPROVED for Global Pathway – No UB Area
  • GND 280F/PSY 280F: Love and Natural Selection: Science and Myth (LdM) > APPROVED for Global Pathway – UB Area – Humanities OR Social Sciences
  • PSY 320F: Psychology of Art and Human Creativity (LdM) > APPROVED for Global Pathway – UB Area – Arts OR Social Sciences
  • ITL 101F: Italian Language Elementary 1 (LdM) > APPROVED for Global Pathway – UB Area – Humanities OR Languages

**Please note that this list of course articulations is continually growing. If you would like additional courses reviewed for UB equivalents and/or Global Pathway requirement(s), please contact our office for further assistance.

Click here to view estimated costs for the virtual Winter 2022 LdM program.

SUNY Contact: Karen Joppe (


716 Squash Looking for Volunteers

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716 Squash is a long-term and intensive youth development organization. We empower youth in the city of Buffalo to reach their full potential by providing life-changing opportunities through education, mentoring, service, and the sport of squash. 

The main focus of our program is supporting our individual student’s academic needs. We are looking for volunteers to help our 6th-9th graders with their homework in various subjects. Volunteers work with 1-3 students with guidance from our Director of Education, Sarah. 

We have volunteer opportunities Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 3:30-6. Our ask is that volunteers try to commit to the same day of the week so they can work with the same students. The best-case scenario for us is someone volunteering once a week, but we’ve had success with other scenarios and have a lot of flexibility. 

For more information, please direct students to Any interested volunteers can email to learn more and get started!


Fulbright Canada-Mitacs Globalink Internship Program Deadline October 15

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We would like to inform you of the 3rd edition of the Fulbright Canada- Mitacs Globalink internship program that will allow exceptional U.S. undergraduate students to do an internship in Canada during the 2022 summer semester.

This programwill provide high performing students with the opportunity to be part of a 10 to 12-week research internship under the supervision of Canadian university faculty members in a variety of academic disciplines, from science, engineering and mathematics to the humanities and social sciences.

Mitacs, our partner in this initiative, is a federally funded, national, not-for-profit organization that has designed and delivered research and training programs in Canada for some 20 years. Working with 70 universities, 6,000 companies, and both federal and provincial governments, they support industrial and social innovation in Canada. 

You can see the list of available projects here (disregards the deadline that is mentioned). You do not need to select a project at this stage, should you be selected you will select the project(s) of your interest in a second round.

The application deadline is OCT 15 2021.

 Fulbright Canada – Mitacs Globalink program

Program Summary

1.       U.S. students will come to Canada to undertake advanced research projects.

2.       Projects will cover a broad cross-section of research topics including most academic disciplines.

3.       Students will spend 10 to 12 weeks (May – August) in Canada on a research project in their area of interest.

4.       Students will be placed at a Canadian university and undertake a supervised research project.

5.       Students will have extensive opportunities for cultural, social, and recreational experiences.


Participants in this program must:

1.       be currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at an accredited university located in the United States ;

2.       be a United States citizen, and hold a valid U.S. passport;

3.       have at least one semester remaining in their program of study as of Fall 2022 (this program is not suitable for 1st-year NOR last year students);

4.     ideal candidates will have finished their third year in the year they are doing their internship;

5.       have a competitive grade point average;

6.       be available to spend between 10 to 12 weeks in Canada between May and August;

7.       apply by October 15, 2021 at 10 PM EST


Students who participate in this program will have:

1.       access to the prestigious worldwide Fulbright network (the Globalink program will not impact the eligibility to apply for Fulbright Student programs);

2.       access to some of Canada’s top research facilities;

3.       the opportunity to gain valuable international experience;

4.       a rewarding experience combining academic research, professional skills, and personal growth; and,

5.       a grant of up to CAD$7800

To apply, students must provide:

1.       a completed application online form;

2.       unofficial transcripts from their home university or college;

3.       a two-page Curriculum Vitae (CV);

4.       two letters of reference (to be submitted by Sept 30)- see submission details here

5.       a one-page personal statement- no final project needs to be identified at this time.

The program is highly competitive. Students will be evaluated on a combination of factors including:

  •  their record of academic achievement, 
  • their personal statement, 
  • their current skills and interests 
  • fit to program
  • letters of recommendation

Further information:

Candidates can see projects on this page (disregard the deadline on this page).


UB Study Abroad Fair September 22

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Learn how you can earn UB credit studying overseas! Join us on Zoom for our Virtual Study Abroad Fair to learn about 80+ UB programs, meet with UB faculty regarding their unique faculty-led programs, connect with representatives from UB’s partner universities overseas, gather information on financial aid and available scholarships, and chat with study abroad alumni about their international experiences to learn how you can fit studying abroad into your degree program at UB!

Wednesday, September 22 from 3:00PM – 5:00PM EST via Zoom

Click here to pre-register & join us via Zoom and contact our office via email with any questions!

In order to prepare for the fair, we encourage you to watch our pre-recorded study abroad presentation on YouTube:


Honors College Experience Petition Update and ELN Submission

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Honors Experience Petitions

Honors College students will now complete their honors petitions and earn digital badges through the Experiential Learning Network.

How it Works

The Honors College is partnering with the Experiential Learning Network (ELN) to enhance honors experiences and the petition process. Through this partnership, students will earn both honors credits and a digital badge.  Students will receive 1 honors credit for every 45 hours completed during their experience.

Getting Started

Honors petitions can now be submitted before, during or after the experience. To submit a petition and start the digital badge activities, simply submit this form. When you get to the “Starting the Project” section, please select “yes” and “Honors College Experience Credit” as shown in the image.

Rounded Rectangle: Start Your Honors Experience 
Petition and Digital Badge

The New Benefits

Overall, the honors petition through ELN creates a more valuable and celebrated experience for students. By completing an honors experience petition through ELN, the Honors College is ensuring each student will:

  • engage in thoughtful, well-researched preparation;
  • produce tangible products from all experiences;
  • demonstrate the growth and value of student’s accomplishments to potential employers or graduate programs.

Earn Digital Badges to Build Skills & Display Accomplishments

Digital Badges Students Can Earn

While engaging in a mentored project from the Project Portal, students will work through a series of independent activities to earn one of the following digital badges.

community engagement digital badge icon. creative work digital badge icon. global collaboration digital badge icon. innovation digital badge icon. mentored research digital badge icon.  


To earn a digital badge, students will complete a series of independent activities, which are divided into three phases. Once earned, the digital badge can be shared on digital resumes, ePortfolios or LinkedIn to demonstrate skills and accomplishments to future employers and graduate schools.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

·        What if I’ve already completed the experience I’m petitioning? Should I still petition through ELN?

  • YES!  Students can now petition through ELN, even if they have completed the experience. 

·        How many credits will I receive for my honors petition?

  • Students will receive 1 honors credit for every 45 hours completed during their experience, up to a maximum of 6 honors credit per petition

·        Will I receive an additional honors credit for completing the digital badge as part of my petition?

  • NO.  To better the petition experience, ELN has significantly reduced the amount of work required to complete a digital badge.  Therefore, students will no longer receive an additional honors credit for completing a digital badge. 
  • Will the honors college automatically receive my completed petition from ELN? Is there anything I would need to do?
  • The Honors College will receive your petition through ELN and there’s nothing additional you would need to do.
  • Will I still be able to use the old petition form (not thru ELN)?
  • The original form utilized for petitions will be removed from the Honors College website on September 15, 2021.  Any petitions submitted using this form prior to September 15, 2021 WILL be honored for the petition process. 
  • Why is the Honors Experience petition process going through ELN?
  • By completing an honors experience petition through ELN, we’re ensuring our students will engage in thoughtful, well-researched preparation; produce tangible products from their experiences; and demonstrate their growth & value for potential employers or graduate programs.   Overall, the honors petition through ELN creates a more valuable and celebrated experience for our students!

Boys on the Right Track Elementary School Running Program Seeks Volunteer Coaches

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Boys On the Right Track is coming to Williamsville this fall.

By signing up to coach for our program, you are giving boys the opportunity to connect, grow and learn how to navigate difficult situations through running.

FALL DATES: September 21-November 14

Coach registration is open now at

SITE NAME:  Maple West Elementary School

PRACTICE DAYS/TIMES:  Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-8:30am

AGES:  8-13 (participants must attend Maple West Elementary School)

HEAD COACH CONTACT:  Bryan Weinstein, 716-445-4672,

*ASSISTANT COACH needed by August 23 to offer the program.


UB Athletics is Hiring Tutors for Fall 2021

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UB Athletics is Looking for graduate and Undergraduate students able to tutor student athletes in various subjects.

Pay is dependent on level of study with a maximum of 29 hours per week (national Students/International 20 hours per week).  For the Fall 2021 semester tutoring will occur in person and virtually. 

  Requirements of tutors include:   GPA of 3.o

                         Minimally an A– in the class or classes you wish to tutor.

Interested individuals can send an email titled “interest in Athletics tutoring” to Christina Fanara (Tutor Coordinator) at  Please include a list of subjects that you are able to tutor along with an unofficial transcript for review.