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TASS Drop-In Tutoring in the Residence Halls

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TASS DROP-IN TUTORING                  

 JONES (GOVERNORS)  CHE101, PHY101, STA119, MTH121/131/141
BLAKE (ELLICOTT)CHE101, CHE102, PHY101, PHY102, ULC147, ULC148 MTH121/131/141, MTH122/142/132, MTH241, MTH306      CHE101/105/107, CHE102/106/108, CHE203, CHE214 ULC147, ULC148 MTH121/131/141, MTH122/142/132, MTH241, MTH306 MTH309, MTH311 MTH335, MTH337 MTH411, MTH419    CHE101, CHE102, PHY101, PHY102, STA119, MTH142MTH121/131/141, MTH122/142/132, MTH241, MTH306, ULC147, ULC148, STA119, PHY101, CHE101, CHE102   Drop-in Academic Coaching from 8pm-9pm   Monthly Academic Success Workshops  
Make an appointment! Appointments are available both in-person at the TASS center in Capen Hall 9am-5pm weekdays, or virtually 4pm-10pm Sunday through Friday. Our tutors cover a wide range of subjects. Make an appointment through Navigate, available on your MyUB page.
Try STAR-NY! This service offers online tutoring that runs from 7pm-12am Sunday through Thursday, and offers a wider range of subjects from tutors all across the SUNY system. Visit to see what is offered and to access tutoring.

Math Place FREE Tutoring

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The Math Place is a FREE Peer tutoring service specifically designed for
undergraduate UB students enrolled in Learning Center or Mathematics classes.



We Tutor:

MATH 121, 122, 131, 141, 142

ULC147 AND 148

Students who have visited say:

Great tutoring!

I was able to understand the equations I was having trouble with.

Cleared up confusion where to go if something isn’t factorable

Very, very good! I’m happy and confident in my work as a result.

Fun and educational –

learned the cylindrical integration process!

It was all very helpful and I was able to complete all of my work!!!

We are OPEN 10:00 am to 6:00 pm,

Monday thru Thursday – stop by!

We help with quiz/test, homework questions.



Tutoring and Academic Support Services Fall 2021 Workshops

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TASS Success Workshops
Success workshops are for all undergraduate students needing an academic boost, extra study tips and help staying motivated.

“Road Map to Success”
Wednesday, September 8 6:00pm (Live in the TASS Center, 130 Capen Hall)
Description: Adjusting to being back on campus can be challenging. Learn how to map out your success with online and face to face classes in a post pandemic world.
Presented by TASS Staff

“Taking the Wheel”
Thursday, September 23 5:00pm
Description: Positive Mindset, Motivation, Grit and Determination–the necessary tools to get you in control of your journey.
Presented by TASS Staff

“Avoiding the Bumps”
Wednesday, October 6 4-6pm (Live in the TASS Center 130 Capen Hall or on ZOOM)
Description: Are you having trouble steering and staying on the path. Drop in anytime between 4-6pm and visit with a TASS Academic Coach to get some strategies on how to stay on the right path.

“Crossing the Finish Line”
Thursday, October 21 5:00pm
Description: Tips and strategies on how to finish the semester strong.
Presented by TASS Staff.


UB Athletics is Hiring Tutors for Fall 2021

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UB Athletics is Looking for graduate and Undergraduate students able to tutor student athletes in various subjects.

Pay is dependent on level of study with a maximum of 29 hours per week (national Students/International 20 hours per week).  For the Fall 2021 semester tutoring will occur in person and virtually. 

  Requirements of tutors include:   GPA of 3.o

                         Minimally an A– in the class or classes you wish to tutor.

Interested individuals can send an email titled “interest in Athletics tutoring” to Christina Fanara (Tutor Coordinator) at  Please include a list of subjects that you are able to tutor along with an unofficial transcript for review.


Tutors Wanted for the UB Tutoring and Academic Support Services Center

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Tutors Wanted:
Tutoring & Academic Support Services (TASS) is looking for highly motivated students who are willing to help others. If you have good communication skills and enjoy sharing your knowledge please apply to be a tutor.
• Tutors must be currently enrolled at UB as an undergraduate or graduate student and in good academic standing with at least one semester completed.
• Need to be available at least 6 hours per week but could work up to 15 hours per week depending on demand.
• Must have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
• Need to have an A- or above or in the course that they wish to tutor in.
All students interested in becoming a tutor or academic coach can apply directly through our website at:
Any questions email


Tutoring and Academic Support Services Presents “Surviving STEM Classes” March 4

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“Surviving STEM Classes”

Thursday, March 4  6:00pm  


Description:  Get tips and helpful hints on how to learn and improve in your STEM classes.

Presented by TASS Lead Tutors- Shreya and Thomas


Virtual Tutoring Opportunity with Buffalo Public Schools

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The B.E.S.T. Tutoring Program is an initiative designed to provide tutoring and mentorship to students at Buffalo Public School #6 (Buffalo Elementary School of Technology). Students of varying refugee status and/or of families seeking citizenship comprise a significant portion of our outreach. Last semester, we transitioned to a virtual format and will be continuing our weekly virtual tutoring sessions.

Since the virtual initiative began, we have received reports of increased attendance, engagement, and benefit from the students and teachers of Buffalo Public School #6. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our current volunteers for their dedication, and want to extend an invitation to others who are interested in making a lasting impact on young, local, 6th & 7th graders.

We are offering 3 volunteer tutor spots from 2:45-3:45 p.m. every Tuesday, beginning February 9th. All UB students are eligible to volunteer after a mandatory orientation (despite this club’s foundation in the Jacobs School of Medicine). This semester we are also implementing a waitlist for desiring volunteers, in case additional sessions open up.

 If you are interested in volunteering, please sign-up using this link:

Spring Volunteer Sign Up

Building and strengthening the academic foundation of these vibrant, young students is a great way to give back and take a break from studying– All from the comfort of your laptop!


Tutoring and Academic Support Services Seeks Peer Mentors for spring 2021

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First Gen Peer Mentors Position Description
A peer mentor is an experienced first-gen upper-class student at UB who will mentor a small group new to UB first-gen freshmen. Mentors are committed to supporting the holistic development of our first-gen students and preparing them to make a successful transition to college. Mentors will contribute to the success of their mentees by building community and as sense of belonging. Mentors will also challenge the student to think more critically and have an increased level of self- awareness and reflection. Mentors will serve as a buddy, a coach, an advocate and a role model for their mentee.
Peer Mentor Primary Responsibilities
 Participate in required mentor training sessions (approx. 2 hours in person or via zoom, there may be more training opportunities online; times TBD)
 Attend fall “Welcome (Back) Bulls Social” in September to welcome all incoming first generation students
 Reach out to your assigned mentees at the start of classes and each month; be available to your mentee via text, email, phone, or in person
 Attend First Gen Connect monthly events with your mentee(s)
 Participate in mentor workshops offered on a variety of leadership, wellness, and personal/professional development topics
 Willingness to learn and utilize tracking systems
 Estimated time commitment of the program:
 approximately 2 hours in mentor training (times TBD)
 Additional online training modules will be required as ongoing training
 approximately 4 hours a week working with mentee(s), which includes related activities–workshops, mentor journal, required survey/assessments)
Peer Mentor Required Qualifications
 Enrolled in Spring 2020 and will have sophomore, junior, or senior status in Fall 2021
 Must have at least a 2.75 overall GPA and be in good standing at the university
 Be in good disciplinary standing
 First-generation college student (neither parent received a four-year degree in the United States)
 Good interpersonal and communication skills
 Genuine desire to help their first-generation peers succeed
 Self-motivated with a positive attitude
 Willing to learn and share information about the University at Buffalo community, student life and campus resources
 First gen students at UB come from across the globe and represent a wide variety of ethnic, cultural, linguistic, socio-economic, geographical, and political perspectives–prospective mentors should embrace and celebrate this diversity
 Interest in developing leadership and mentoring experience
Benefits for Peer Mentors
 Workshops and training on a wide variety of UB resources that support student success–including career, professional, wellness, and leadership topics
 Enhance your skills in coaching and guiding others
 Opportunities to connect with a wide network of faculty and staff dedicated to the success of our first gen Bulls community
 Stay up to date on new events and resources on campus
 Make a difference and positively impact a first-year student’s UB experience!
 $ 500 stipend to be paid each semester (fall/spring) or $500 campus cash to be paid each semester (fall/spring) this is dependent on whether you hold other campus jobs and or have workstudy
How to apply?
Please submit to your completed application to by February 26, 2021
 Letter of interest
 Resume
 Contact information for 2 professional references


Tutoring and Academic Support Services Online Workshops

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Success workshops are for all undergraduate students needing an academic boost, extra study tips and help staying motivated.
“I Can’t Learn Online!”
Wednesday, Feb. 17 6:00pm
Description: How to learn online, get motivated and stay motivated.
Presented by TASS Lead Tutor- Alivia
“Surviving STEM Classes”
Thursday, March 4 6:00pm
Description: Get tips and helpful hints on how to learn and improve in your STEM classes.
Presented by TASS Lead Tutors- Shreya and Thomas
“Midterm Lifesaver”
Thursday, March 18 4-6pm
Description: Getting crazy, feeling overwhelmed, having a hard time juggling. Visit with a TASS coach and get some strategies on how to keep your head above water.
“It’s the Final Count Down”
Date: Friday, April 2 4:00pm
Description: Tips and strategies on how to finish the semester strong.
Presented by TASS Lead Tutor and Staff


Tutoring and Academic Support Services Seeks Tutors for spring 2021

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At this time TASS is looking for tutors for the spring semester, specifically in engineering, computer science, chemistry and math but not limited to.  We are starting the reviewing process so if you have any students interested they can go directly to our website below, which gives you some information about TASS and the application.