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School of Management Graduate Programs Information Sessions November 2 (Zoom) November 4 in-person

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If you’re considering grad school or beginning your journey to applying to programs and wonder if the UB School of Management is a good fit for you and your career goals, this is your opportunity to learn more.

Join us on Tuesday, November 2 at 12:00pm on zoom or Thursday, November 4, 2021 at 3:00pm in-person in 106D Capen Hall (Honors Meeting Room). Please RSVP to Tim Matthews at with the date you are interested in attending by Monday, November 1, 2021.

Aaron Shaw, Assistant Director of Recruitment, MBA and MS Programs, will walk you through the ins and outs of each program. He will provide an overview of the admissions criteria as well as advice and guidance on:

  • critical dates
  • application requirements and components
  • what the admissions committee is looking for

This virtual event begins with a presentation and ends with an extensive Q&A covering topics such as test scores, work history, and much more.


Blackstone Launchpad IDEAS Competition-Deadline to apply is October 1st

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UB’s Blackstone LaunchPad has been granted $4,000 to award to students as part of the LaunchPad Ideas Competition.

The competition is completely virtual, hosted now through October 21st, where students apply to compete in one of 4 tracks:

  • Social and Climate Impact: sustainability, education, human rights, poverty alleviation, racial and social justice, etc.
  • Health & Life Sciences: biotech, health & medical science, healthcare
  • Consumer Products & Services
  • General

The winners from each of the 4 tracks will received $1,000 and invitation to represent UB in the network round where they have an opportunity to compete for $10,000 in the various tracks.

I’m reaching out to invite your team to support this initiative by:

  • Leveraging your listserves, newsletters, and social media to amplify this opportunity for students; and
  • Make available any opportunities to engage with students through pop-up events, tabling, and/or passive digital/static signage.

This is a great opportunity to provide our students an avenue to impact change. Bonus – if UB recruits the greatest number of ideas submitted, we’ll win $10,000 for our campus and most importantly bragging rights.

We’re competing with schools in the following bracket:

  • University of Central Florida
  • Texas A&M University
  • New York University UT Austin
  • College of Southern Nevada
  • UT Arlington
  • UC Berkeley
  • Temple University
  • UC Davis
  • UC San Diego
  • UC Irvine
  • University at Buffalo
  • UT San Antonio
  • UT Dallas

Thanks much for your consideration and I welcome your ideas to partner with UB’s LaunchPad in hosting this program. Please contact me to coordinate efforts.

Graphic assets and sample marketing messages available in this UB Box:


Chinese, Spanish, French and Italian Proficiency Exam Information

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We would appreciate it if you can remind students that those interested in studying Chinese, French, Italian and/or Spanish at UB for the first time must take the Avant PLACE exam before they can register in the courses.   

For more information and for registration, please visit: 


French, Italian, Spanish:

Brief overview:

The exam is intended for students who:

·         studied Chinese, French, Italian or Spanish in a classroom, or other formal setting,

·         used Chinese, French, Italian, Kreyol, or Spanish at home

·         lived in a place where Chinese, French, Italian, Kreyol, or Spanish was widely spoken

           have transferred courses that were articulated as NOC or 999

The exam is not intended for students who:

·         have never studied the language they plan to take at UB ( these students will start with 101),

·         have transferred college coursework or alternative exam credit that has been articulated to a UB course/s (see TAURUS for articulations, these students will           continue with the next level up in proficiency),

·         are repeating a course to improve their grade

          have already completed language courses at UB 

When to take the test?   Before the student’s registration window for the semester in which they plan to take the course.  Students should register and take the test soon thereafter in one seating.   

When will the students know their placement? The test takes 3-7 busines days to be corrected.  Once we receive the results, we upload them into HUB and the students will receive an email with their results to their UB email account (not on weekends).  

Results may be delayed in posting if students do not follow the instructions, in particular,  they must only use their correct UB Person Number as log on and UB Email for communicating results.

Where can students and/or advisors see the results?  The results can be seen in HUB (Admissions Tab together with all other test results) and in Navigate once the results are uploaded into HUB.

Can they repeat the test?  No

Please note:  1) the test is for active UB students only, 2) the test is not a proficiency test, 3) the test does not grant any college level credits.


Virtual Study Abroad to South Korea-Winter 2022

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  1. Virtual (South Korea): Korea University (UB)

Application Deadline: Friday, October 15

UB and Other SUNY students can participate remotely in Korea University’s International Winter Campus (IWC) program. The three-week academic program includes a variety of challenging courses taught by distinguished faculty from prestigious universities around the world.

Students will take one to two virtual courses for a total of 3-6 credits. Each class offers a full semester-load of coursework condensed into three weeks. With the exception of Korean language classes, all classes are taught in English and no prior knowledge of Korean is necessary for enrollment in these courses. Korea University is an AACSB accredited institution.

Click here to view estimated costs for the virtual Winter 2022 Korea University (KU) program.

SUNY Contact: Karen Joppe (

If interested, students may contact the Study Abroad Advising Assistant, Karen Joppe, directly via email ( or contact our office (201 Talbert Hall; 716-645-3912; to schedule an appointment! Appointments can be by phone, via Zoom, or in-person, based on your preference.


Peru Virtual Study Abroad-Winter 2022

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  1. Virtual (Peru): Global Citizenship Virtual Exchange Programs (SUNY Brockport)

Application Deadline: Friday, October 15

The Brockport Global Citizenship Virtual Exchange Programs were modeled after the SUNY Coil Global Commons program. In these Global Citizenship Virtual Exchange Programs, students will contribute to global sustainability by completing a project in small groups, in partnership with community based and nonprofit organizations around the world. Students will gain skills in intercultural communications and collaboration by completing a project for one of these partner organizations through the framework of the United Nations Sustainability Goals. Partner organizations around the world will work with groups of students to develop these stories and receive use of the final products.

SUNY Contact: Lindsay Lau (


Virtual Study Abroad to Italy-Winter 2022

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  1. Virtual (Italy): Lorenzo de’ Medici (UB)

Application Deadline: Monday, November 15

LdM’s distance learning program is an exciting academic opportunity for students to connect with peers from all around the world while gaining invaluable insight into a variety of subjects for which Italy is world-renowned, from art history to fashion marketing, wine business, and gastronomy.

Students will enroll in 1 – 2 courses (3 – 6 credits), and follow lessons from Monday, January 3 – Monday, January 24, 2022. A mandatory orientation will be held on Thursday, December 30, 2021. Click here to view the Winter 2022 LdM Course Offerings. Many of the winter courses currently listed on the LdM webpage have already been reviewed by UB departments and approved courses can be found on our website and/or in TAURUS. For example, the following LdM ONLINE courses have already been reviewed/approved for specific UB requirements:

  • ANC 215F/HIS 215F: Florentia: The Ancient Roots of Florence (LdM) > APPROVED for Global Pathway – UB Area – Civilization & History
  • ART 186F: Art History II: High Renaissance to the Present (LdM) > APPROVED for AHI 102LR: Survey of Art History: Italian Renaissance to Present (UB); APPROVED for Global Pathway – UB Area – Arts
  • BUS 250F: International Business (LdM) > APPROVED for GEO 330LEC: Dynamics of International Business (UB); APPROVED for Global Pathway – UB Area – Civilization & History OR Social Sciences
  • BUS 252F/IGC 252F: Wine Business & Marketing (LdM) > APPROVED for Global Pathway – No UB Area
  • GND 280F/PSY 280F: Love and Natural Selection: Science and Myth (LdM) > APPROVED for Global Pathway – UB Area – Humanities OR Social Sciences
  • PSY 320F: Psychology of Art and Human Creativity (LdM) > APPROVED for Global Pathway – UB Area – Arts OR Social Sciences
  • ITL 101F: Italian Language Elementary 1 (LdM) > APPROVED for Global Pathway – UB Area – Humanities OR Languages

**Please note that this list of course articulations is continually growing. If you would like additional courses reviewed for UB equivalents and/or Global Pathway requirement(s), please contact our office for further assistance.

Click here to view estimated costs for the virtual Winter 2022 LdM program.

SUNY Contact: Karen Joppe (


TASS Drop-In Tutoring in the Residence Halls

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TASS DROP-IN TUTORING                  

 JONES (GOVERNORS)  CHE101, PHY101, STA119, MTH121/131/141
BLAKE (ELLICOTT)CHE101, CHE102, PHY101, PHY102, ULC147, ULC148 MTH121/131/141, MTH122/142/132, MTH241, MTH306      CHE101/105/107, CHE102/106/108, CHE203, CHE214 ULC147, ULC148 MTH121/131/141, MTH122/142/132, MTH241, MTH306 MTH309, MTH311 MTH335, MTH337 MTH411, MTH419    CHE101, CHE102, PHY101, PHY102, STA119, MTH142MTH121/131/141, MTH122/142/132, MTH241, MTH306, ULC147, ULC148, STA119, PHY101, CHE101, CHE102   Drop-in Academic Coaching from 8pm-9pm   Monthly Academic Success Workshops  
Make an appointment! Appointments are available both in-person at the TASS center in Capen Hall 9am-5pm weekdays, or virtually 4pm-10pm Sunday through Friday. Our tutors cover a wide range of subjects. Make an appointment through Navigate, available on your MyUB page.
Try STAR-NY! This service offers online tutoring that runs from 7pm-12am Sunday through Thursday, and offers a wider range of subjects from tutors all across the SUNY system. Visit to see what is offered and to access tutoring.

Careers in Student Affairs Month

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Are you someone who enjoys helping others to reach their full potential? Are you a student leader who has loved being involved throughout your college career? Are you still undecided about which career path to pursue?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then you might consider a career in student affairs. During October, professionals nationwide are celebrating “Careers in Student Affairs Month.” 

Come visit us at our table in the SU lobby to find out about jobs on college campuses. Students from our Student Affairs Mentoring Program and Leadership Experience will be on hand to talk about our program.

Location: Student Union LobbyDate and Time: 
Tues., Oct. 5 from 11:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.


Math Place FREE Tutoring

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The Math Place is a FREE Peer tutoring service specifically designed for
undergraduate UB students enrolled in Learning Center or Mathematics classes.



We Tutor:

MATH 121, 122, 131, 141, 142

ULC147 AND 148

Students who have visited say:

Great tutoring!

I was able to understand the equations I was having trouble with.

Cleared up confusion where to go if something isn’t factorable

Very, very good! I’m happy and confident in my work as a result.

Fun and educational –

learned the cylindrical integration process!

It was all very helpful and I was able to complete all of my work!!!

We are OPEN 10:00 am to 6:00 pm,

Monday thru Thursday – stop by!

We help with quiz/test, homework questions.



Opportunity for Honors College students to be mentored by the Distinguished Visiting Scholars

Posted by Tim on September 23, 2021 in Academics, Alumni, Networking

Students who participated in the circles last year reported receiving much needed personal, academic, and professional support and enjoying their (virtual) interactions with both their scholar-mentor and peers during an unprecedented time. Many of the bonds formed have endured. This year, we expect the value of the scholars’ mentoring to be even greater as we are afforded in-person, as well as virtual, opportunities to interact.


Any UB-enrolled undergraduate (or graduate) student, including those studying remotely, regardless of field of study. Students can choose a preferred mentor who is in any field; the student need not be in the scholar’s discipline or field.


Each scholar will lead a 10-student graduate mentoring circle and a 10-student undergraduate circle. Each circle will meet (virtually and in-person, following COVID protocols) at least three times/semester as a group. (Scholars will meet individually with student mentees as the scholars and students choose.) The circles will be in place for the full academic year, although students expecting to graduate in December are welcome to participate while enrolled.


Scholars and their mentees will determine the events of interest to their group, but the aim is to engage in activities that support students in their personal, academic, and professional lives and are (for lack of a better word) fun as well as edifying. Virtual participation will be possible in many if not all events/activities.

Examples: film watch parties; attending live and virtual performances; outdoor gatherings; tours of historic and culturally significant sites in Buffalo; gallery and museum visits (virtually and/or in person); readings and discussions; group attendance at UB events; and virtual networking and professional conference attendance.

We are particularly attentive to the potential benefits to minoritized students at UB of connecting with the scholars who are themselves from historically underrepresented groups in academia and deeply invested in contributing to all students’ sense of belonging at UB.

How Students Can Sign Up:

Students complete a brief survey about themselves and rank order their preferred mentors. The preliminary deadline is Monday, October 11th but as new surveys are received, students will continue to be “matched” to mentors until circles are full. The survey also provides students with a link to a box folder where student can entirely optionally submit a more detailed statement regarding their personal goals/interests to any of the preferred mentors they selected.

Here is the mentoring circle webpage you can direct students to:  That webpage also contains the link to the survey application ( ) and a link to the scholar bios ( ). Here is a link to a PDF flyer (with QR and other means to access the webpage) which (should you choose) you can print and post or distribute in other form: .

Thank you for your support of the DVS program and these mentoring opportunities for students. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at:, stop by Clemens 638a, or call 645-6038.