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Student Engagement New Certificate Program: UB SELECT

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UB SELECT stands for “Student Engagement and Leadership Education Credential Training”.

This program is designed to help students get resume-worthy experience to build skills and competencies that students can apply in their courses and future careers. Through this program, students will work with a Student Engagement Ambassador to choose from a variety of opportunities, classes, and other programs. 

A More Inclusive CertificateThis new program updates the TORCH, PEAK and UBXL Certificates and introduces two new certificates: Community and Civic Engagement and SOUL [Student Organizations Understanding Leadership] for a broader extra-curricular experience. Students previously enrolled in these certificates will still be able to complete them with their original requirements.
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Psychology Department Honors Program Information Session September 30

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To Juniors, Sophomores, and Precocious Freshmen Majoring or Intending to Major in Psychology,

Are you interested in making the most of your college experience here at UB? Excited by psychological research? Thinking about attending graduate school in psychology? Do you have (or by the end of your junior year will you have) a strong academic record?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then we would like to tell you about the Psychology Honors Program. Dr. Wendy Quinton, the Director of the Psy Honors Program, will be doing a short presentation and then will be having a question-and-answer forum about the program on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, at 4:30pm, on Zoom (Meeting ID: 921 1685 9936, Passcode: Yay!Honors or


Organization for Students Interested in Science

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My name is Ben Rein, I’m a Neuroscience PhD Candidate here at SUNY Buffalo. I recently launched a free, online organization designed to provide guidance and direction to students interested in science, and I was wondering if you may be interested in sharing our information with students in the Honors College to make them aware of our free resources!

As I’ve made my way through my bachelors & PhD degrees, I’ve found that science is a unique and complex career, with many major questions and decisions. In my experience, the best way to find answers has been talking with professors, graduate students, and others in the field. However, many students have trouble making these connections, and as a result they unfortunately struggle to find their way in science. To help address this issue, ASC is designed to recruit students interested in science and connect them with professionals in the field to 1) ask questions, 2) build their scientific network, 3) practice presenting their work, and 4) gain valuable guidance and mentorship. This group is completely free to join, and already has over 250 members from 17 countries worldwide. All are welcome – we encourage students at all levels, and with any interests to participate.

By joining ASC, students gain access to online meetings that rotate between Q&As addressing common questions, breakout networking sessions allowing members to meet and engage with one another, and scientific presentations to help members identify their passions and interests. We are also planning to launch a mentorship program that will pair members based on their interests. One of our goals is to establish a large network of scientists, to promote cooperation within and between fields. We hope to unite the next generation of scientists, and shape science into a more collaborative field.  

If you or your students are interested in joining or learning more, please visit our website:

Thank you!


Calling all Jazz Musicians: Music residency with Michael Mwenso

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Join the UB jazz Student Jazz Ensemble this fall​ to participate in a unique learning experience: The University Arts Collaborative is bringing brilliant guest artist Michael Mwenso to work with the student jazz ensemble in a residency, collaborating with theatre and dance students and Buffalo State students as well.

Mr. Mwenso is a celebrated artist, whom we are fortunate to have working with our students: he’s been featured with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Wynton Marsalis, as well as with several of the younger, newer lights in jazz, Cecile McLorin Salvant, ​Emmet Cohen, Brianna Thomas, and many others. He’s appeared in films, he’s toured the country with a concert event celebrating the music of the Harlem Renaissance, he’s been reviewed in major media outlets, Jazz Times, PBS, etc. For more info:​​


I must reiterate that this is a participatory event, students will play in the ensemble and interact with Mr. Mwenso weekly. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, not to be missed. Please share.*

Interested students should contact me at:​ to set up an audition; auditions will be held beginning Monday August 31st thru Friday, September 11th.


UB Wellness Coaching Program

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Information about the UB Wellness Coaching Program and how to make an appointment can be found here:  For specific questions, staff or students can email me directly or call our office number at 645-2837.

Sharlynn Daun-Barnett, LMSW, CWC

Wellness Coaching, Stress Reduction & Smoking/Vaping Cessation Programs Coordinator

Health Promotion

University at Buffalo

114 Student Union, Buffalo, NY 14260-2100


MUS 220 Break on Through

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Break on Through (MUS 220) a new course offering this Fall!

Tuesday and Thursday 3:10-5:10pm, 250 Baird

Prof. Dr. Tiffany Du Mouchelle

Unlock the doors to creativity and artistry.  In this safe environment, students use sound work, body work, visualization practices, and other creative experimentation, students learn to break through inhibitions and fears, and develop a stronger sense of their personal artistic identity. Exercises strengthen self awareness, focus, and intention, helping students feel more at ease on and off the stage. In addition to group exercises, students will have the opportunity to share, develop, and present their own creative work. This class is designed to support performance artists of all genres.  

In this course you will:

Develop awareness of your physical and mental habits, releasing restrictive patterns in exchange for practices that strengthen and nurture your creativity, self-esteem, and artistic identity. 

Develop artistic and professional materials that align with your creative and personal goals. 

Become more confident to create and present creative work. 


Undergraduate School of Social Work Courses Open fall 2020

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SW150LEC Social Media in Social Change

(3 cr. hr.) Reg. No. 22694    Remote

Tuesday/Thursday 7:05 pm-8:20pm

Instructor: S. Sacco

Description: This course will familiarize students with social media and social networking as they influence community change. Specifically, students will be introduced to the fundamental terms and concepts of social media and networking, including various interfaces, tools, and platforms that may be leveraged to promote community change and development.

An excellent example of the types of projects and skills that students develop can be viewed at:

SW220LEC Introduction to Community

Organizing and Development

(3 cr. hr.) Reg. No. 21475  Remote

Tuesday/Thursday 10am-11:20am  Instructor: M. Lynch

Description: This course provides a general introduction to the history, organizations, strategies, and practice issues related to community organizing and development. Specifically, this course examines different types of community organizing and development approaches including, but not limited to workforce development, neighborhood revitalization, and arts and culture. Current trends and strategies for organizing residents and collaborating with community-based organizations are explored.

SW 225: Perspectives on Child Maltreatment and Advocacy (3 cr. hr.)

M/W, 10:20-11:40 AM (3 cr. hr.) Reg. No. 21448

Instructor: P. Logan-Greene Remote  

This course provides the foundational knowledge to understand and recognize child maltreatment in diverse settings. The course covers the historical and comparative perspectives on child maltreatment, with an emphasis on improving outcomes for children and families. This course is designed for, but not limited to, students who are interested in public health, social work, human services, nursing and other health professions, sociology, psychology, law, and education.


UB School of Social Work Offering Undergraduate and Graduate Courses in Racial Justice

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The University at Buffalo School of Social Work’s curriculum offers a wide variety of courses with different themes. In light of the current social climate in support of Black Lives Matter and other social just movements, we wish to highlight courses that have a significant racial equity/justice focus in the course description. These courses help students improve understanding of structural racism, anti-racist practice strategies and diversity.  In Fall 2020, the courses that emphasize racial equity/justice include both undergraduate and graduate options. Undergraduate options: SW150: Social Media in Social Change SW199: When We Fight We Win – Activism and Paths to Social Justice SW220: Intro to Community Organizing and Development SW225: Perspectives on Child Maltreatment & Advocacy Graduate options: SW523: Social Action for Community Change SW560: Nature and Treatment of Alcohol and Other Drug Problems SW563: Advanced Policy Development and Analysis SW566: Social Services with Children, Youth, Families SW569: Community Social Work SW576: Child Abuse and Neglect SW722: Restorative Justice Certificate (2-credit) SW725: Reproductive Justice SW997: Special Topics – Community Social Work in Action (1-credit)

Fall 2020 Tutoring and Academic Coaching Information

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Tutoring and Academic Coaching will resume September 14, 2020
Remote Center Hours:
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
Remote Tutoring and Coaching Hours:
Monday-Friday 10am-10pm
Sunday 4pm-10pm


ES 461: Principles of Coaching Fall 2020

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ES 461 Special Topics – Principles of Coaching

Fall 2020 – Online, 3 credits

Open to all majors

Description: This course examines the theories and principles of effective coaching, including philosophy, ethics, strategies, team motivation and organization, coach-athlete relationships, practice planning, and the administration of facilities, personnel, and contests.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Discuss the history of competition, sports, and coaching
  • Develop a coaching philosophy and understand the major objectives of coaching and factors that are involved in selecting a coaching style
  • Apply the four step coaching process and become familiar with w/p/w vs. p/p/w coaching approaches
  • Describe how coaches and athletes develop trust between each other
  • Discuss the long term player development pathway
  • Discuss the long term player development pathway
  • Explain the principles and applications for effectively communicating with and listening to athletes