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Fellowships and Scholarships 101 Workshops

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Fellowships and Scholarships 101
Do you want to find more opportunities for fellowships and scholarships? Join us for our virtual workshop any week during the fall 2021 semester.
Fellowships and Scholarships 101 Workshop
Every Tuesday at 12 p.m.
Every Wednesday at 1 p.m.
Register here to get the Zoom link to attend.
If you cannot attend either of these times, check out our Fellowships and Scholarships 101 series on our YouTube channel

Honors College Experience Petition Update and ELN Submission

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Honors Experience Petitions

Honors College students will now complete their honors petitions and earn digital badges through the Experiential Learning Network.

How it Works

The Honors College is partnering with the Experiential Learning Network (ELN) to enhance honors experiences and the petition process. Through this partnership, students will earn both honors credits and a digital badge.  Students will receive 1 honors credit for every 45 hours completed during their experience.

Getting Started

Honors petitions can now be submitted before, during or after the experience. To submit a petition and start the digital badge activities, simply submit this form. When you get to the “Starting the Project” section, please select “yes” and “Honors College Experience Credit” as shown in the image.

Rounded Rectangle: Start Your Honors Experience 
Petition and Digital Badge

The New Benefits

Overall, the honors petition through ELN creates a more valuable and celebrated experience for students. By completing an honors experience petition through ELN, the Honors College is ensuring each student will:

  • engage in thoughtful, well-researched preparation;
  • produce tangible products from all experiences;
  • demonstrate the growth and value of student’s accomplishments to potential employers or graduate programs.

Earn Digital Badges to Build Skills & Display Accomplishments

Digital Badges Students Can Earn

While engaging in a mentored project from the Project Portal, students will work through a series of independent activities to earn one of the following digital badges.

community engagement digital badge icon. creative work digital badge icon. global collaboration digital badge icon. innovation digital badge icon. mentored research digital badge icon.  


To earn a digital badge, students will complete a series of independent activities, which are divided into three phases. Once earned, the digital badge can be shared on digital resumes, ePortfolios or LinkedIn to demonstrate skills and accomplishments to future employers and graduate schools.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

·        What if I’ve already completed the experience I’m petitioning? Should I still petition through ELN?

  • YES!  Students can now petition through ELN, even if they have completed the experience. 

·        How many credits will I receive for my honors petition?

  • Students will receive 1 honors credit for every 45 hours completed during their experience, up to a maximum of 6 honors credit per petition

·        Will I receive an additional honors credit for completing the digital badge as part of my petition?

  • NO.  To better the petition experience, ELN has significantly reduced the amount of work required to complete a digital badge.  Therefore, students will no longer receive an additional honors credit for completing a digital badge. 
  • Will the honors college automatically receive my completed petition from ELN? Is there anything I would need to do?
  • The Honors College will receive your petition through ELN and there’s nothing additional you would need to do.
  • Will I still be able to use the old petition form (not thru ELN)?
  • The original form utilized for petitions will be removed from the Honors College website on September 15, 2021.  Any petitions submitted using this form prior to September 15, 2021 WILL be honored for the petition process. 
  • Why is the Honors Experience petition process going through ELN?
  • By completing an honors experience petition through ELN, we’re ensuring our students will engage in thoughtful, well-researched preparation; produce tangible products from their experiences; and demonstrate their growth & value for potential employers or graduate programs.   Overall, the honors petition through ELN creates a more valuable and celebrated experience for our students!

UB Office of the President Seeks a Student Assistant

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Student Assistant (Undergraduate)
UB Office of the President
501 Capen Hall
Position Overview
We are seeking 3-4 self-motivated, multi-tasking, well-organized, and professional Student Assistants with superior verbal and written communication skills to join our office. Student Assistants play an integral role in UB Office of the President (OTP) administrative operations. They are part of a team of 3 other Student Assistants, all of whom act as representatives for the University and OTP, while interacting with UB and SUNY administrators in day-to-day office tasks and projects (detailed below).
Learning Outcomes
After at least two years working as a Student Assistant in OTP, Student Assistants will:
• Understand and be able to explain the role of the President (and OTP) in University operations.
• Recall and accurately describe the University’s high-level organizational structure, including the President’s Cabinet, Vice Presidents, Schools/the College and Deans, and Vice Provosts.
• Regularly and effectively evaluate constituent questions and concerns and correctly direct them to the appropriate University unit/office to assist.
• Collaborate with other Student Assistants and OTP staff members on one-time and semester-long projects.
• Recognize and effectively navigate a professional office environment (e.g., in terms of dress, emailing, phone communication, etc.).
• Articulate at least five transferrable skills that can be leveraged in a future job, internship, or graduate school opportunity.
Duties and Responsibilities
Assists with:
• Managing OTP front desk by answering phones, intaking/distributing mail, scheduling meetings as needed, and greeting and directing visitors/callers to the appropriate staff members.
• Presidential event preparations, including (but not limited to) RSVP and list management, assembling name badges, and preparing/organizing gifts and other event materials (e.g., remarks, place cards).
• Various tasks for meeting preparation, including gathering relevant information, preparing documents (some of which may be confidential), and setting/cleaning up the meeting location.
• Scanning and saving presidential correspondence within the OTP document management system.
• General office duties including data entry, copying, filing, running errands, kitchen tasks, etc.
Note: the above outcomes and duties/responsibilities are aligned with the following NACE Career Readiness Competencies: career & self-development, communication, critical thinking, professionalism, teamwork, and technology.
Desired Skills/Competencies
• Previous knowledge/experience with Outlook, Word, and Excel (preferred, not required).
• Eager to learn and comfortable asking questions.
• Able to effectively multi-task and navigate competing priorities.
• An open and thoughtful communicator.
• A commitment to confidentiality, when needed/appropriate.
Time Commitment
• Approx. 10-15 hours per week during academic year.
• Summer availability is preferred (up to 29 hours per week).
• It is preferred that students work/grow with us for their full time at UB (e.g., first year or
sophomore year to senior).
Salary/Work Hours
• Hourly Rate: $13 hr
• Monday – Friday, 8:30a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
• Occasional evening and/or weekend hours may be offered (as optional) to Student Assistants.
For additional information, please contact:
Maureen Halton, Administrative Coordinator
Office of the President
501 Capen Hall
University at Buffalo


Additional Section Open of UBE110: Intro to Peer Education Fall 2021

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I’m writing to share that we have added an additional section of UBE110: Intro to Peer Education. This course focuses on teaching the Certified Peer Educator (CPE) curriculum through the Health, Safety & Well-Being Initiatives of NASPA.  The course book includes the national certification exam costs, totaling under $30.

Two sections of the course are offered this spring in a synchronous remote format, instructed by UB Health Promotion staff:

  • Tuesdays (Reg. #16636) 12:45-2:25 p.m.
  • Wednesdays (Reg. #12988) 1:50-3:30 p.m.

The CPE curriculum helps peer educators develop leadership skills to be able to successfully create and implement campus programs. The CPE training is eight modules covering topics such as the role of peer education, helping peers make a behavior change, listening skills, response and referral skills, how to take action and intervene, recognizing the role of diversity and inclusivity, programming and presentation skills, self-care, and group dynamics.

The sexual violence prevention curriculum covers topics including an introduction to power, privilege and oppression, sexual violence prevention, social constructs, healthy relationships, bystander intervention and responding to sexual violence.

This class is designed to allow students to not only get an academic understanding of peer education but also to put that understanding into action by participating in campus-based sexual violence prevention initiatives. Additionally, at the conclusion of this class students will be able to take the national Certified Peer Educator exam to become nationally certified peer educators, and become eligible for internships within UB’s Health Promotion office. 


Boys on the Right Track Elementary School Running Program Seeks Volunteer Coaches

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Boys On the Right Track is coming to Williamsville this fall.

By signing up to coach for our program, you are giving boys the opportunity to connect, grow and learn how to navigate difficult situations through running.

FALL DATES: September 21-November 14

Coach registration is open now at

SITE NAME:  Maple West Elementary School

PRACTICE DAYS/TIMES:  Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-8:30am

AGES:  8-13 (participants must attend Maple West Elementary School)

HEAD COACH CONTACT:  Bryan Weinstein, 716-445-4672,

*ASSISTANT COACH needed by August 23 to offer the program.


Honors College Seeks Ambassadors for 2021-2022

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Who We Are

The Honors Student Ambassadors is comprised of a dynamic group of undergraduates who will help recruit prospective students to UB and the Honors College.  The Ambassadors will promote the following goal: To provide every prospective Honors student with an opportunity to connect with a current Honors student and learn about the Honors College experience.

What That Means

As an Honors Student Ambassador, you will assist UB and Honors in a very important way.  Ambassadors are students, and as such will have a different perspective than that of a staff member.  You can provide families with an important perspective on what life is like here at UB and in Honors.  As an Ambassador, you will participate in the following activities:

  • Conduct campus tours with prospective students and their families (minimum of 4 during the 2021-2022 academic year– you might be asked to do a tour for the Office of Admissions if needed)
  • Assist with events such as UB 360 Open House, Accepted Student Days and Presidential Scholarship Interviews.
  • Be willing to help with other opportunities that might arise – speaking on a panel of current students, meeting with school counselors, emailing prospective students.

Why Become an Honors Student Ambassador?

  • Become part of a cohesive group of students who are united by the fact that they are representing UB and Honors. 
  • Build your resume – being an Honors Student Ambassador will help you demonstrate that you have excellent communication skills and the ability to work in a team setting.  You will also be able to show employers or graduate schools that you were a student leader on campus.  You will gain experience with public speaking and strengthen your ability to think quickly, and confidently.  The qualities you nurture as an Honors Student Ambassador will help you excel in school and make you a competitive force in whatever career you choose to pursue after your time at UB.
  • You will be able to give back to UB and Honors and help prospective students with an important decision of college choice.  You will have fun, develop connections, meet great people and help others just by being yourself, and loving UB and Honors.
  • Receive a $100 stipend
  • Receive awesome UB/Honors apparel that you will wear when conducting tours and representing UB

Okay, sounds good to me!  What do I do now?

Membership in the Honors Student Ambassador Program is competitive.  We are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated students who love UB and Honors, and want to share that excitement with prospective students.  Involvement in other activities is not as important as showing us that your personality will make a lasting, positive impression on students and parents who are considering making a big choice – the choice to join our UB community for one of the most important academic and personal experiences of their lives.  To be eligible you must:

  • Contact Tim Matthews for an application and return to Honors by Wednesday, September 1st at 4:30pm 
  • Be in good standing with the Honors College
  • An Honors Scholar who has completed at least one full semester at UB
  • Be available to conduct at least two campus tours each semester, help us during UB 360 Open Houses, Accepted Student Days, assist with the Honors College Presidential Scholarship interviews, virtual events and other recruitment opportunities.  The time commitment is small during the course of the academic year but very important – we need responsible students we can depend on!
  • Have a sincere desire to represent and promote UB in an enthusiastic manner, and have a strong sense of pride in the University
  • Have the ability to work well with others, adapt to sometimes difficult situations and possess effective communication skills

After review of applications, you may be contacted for an in-person interview.  If you have any questions or to request an application, please do not hesitate to contact Tim Matthews at  We look forward to reviewing your application!


Fall 2021 Buffalo Film Seminars/Great Directors Schedule

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Fall 2021 Buffalo Film Seminars/Great Directors schedule

These are the dates for the Tuesday @ 7:00PM Zoom discussions for the fall series. We will post the Goldenrod handouts the Saturdays before each Tuesday discussion. Those notices will include links to our Vimeo introductions and the Tuesday Zoom discussions.

All the films are available on Criterion and/or Amazon Prime (indicated by P and C after the title). Some of the Amazon Prime films are free with membership; some require a small additional fee.

Seven of the films (the listings in bold) are available free to anyone with a UB email address via the UB Library’s Kanopy or Swank portals. To access them, go to, enter Kanopy or Swank, then enter the title of the film you want to watch. They are all available now.

Amazon and Prime both permit one-month trial memberships. Individuals with UB email accounts can Watch the films on September 7, 14, and 21 on Criterion; the films on November 9, 16, 23, and 30 on Prime; and the rest through the UB Library.

Bruce ( and Diane (

August 31 William Pabst PANDORA’s BOX  (1929) C (Kanopy)

September 7 Jean Renoir THE GRAND ILLUSION  (1937) P C

September 14 Carol Reed ODD MAN OUT  (1947) P C

September 21 Kon Kichikawa THE BURMESE HARP (1956) C

September 28 Satiyajit Ray THE MUSIC ROOM (1958) C (Kanopy)

October 5 Andrei Tarkovsky ANDREY RUBLYOV (1966) C (Kanopy)

October 12 Stanley Kubrick BARRY LYNDON (1975) P (Swank)

October 19 Roman Polanski CHINATOWN (1974) P C (Swank)

October 26 Roland Joffé THE MISSION (1986) P (Swank)

November 2 Mike Nichols CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR  (2007) P (Swank)

November 9 Ashgar Farhadi A SEPARATION (2011)  P

November 16 Hsiao-Hsien Hou THE ASSASSIN  2015)  P

November 23 Cholé Zhan NOMADLAND  (2020) P

November 30 Rob Reiner THE PRINCESS BRIDE (1987) P


UB Athletics is Hiring Tutors for Fall 2021

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UB Athletics is Looking for graduate and Undergraduate students able to tutor student athletes in various subjects.

Pay is dependent on level of study with a maximum of 29 hours per week (national Students/International 20 hours per week).  For the Fall 2021 semester tutoring will occur in person and virtually. 

  Requirements of tutors include:   GPA of 3.o

                         Minimally an A– in the class or classes you wish to tutor.

Interested individuals can send an email titled “interest in Athletics tutoring” to Christina Fanara (Tutor Coordinator) at  Please include a list of subjects that you are able to tutor along with an unofficial transcript for review.


Tutors Wanted for the UB Tutoring and Academic Support Services Center

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Tutors Wanted:
Tutoring & Academic Support Services (TASS) is looking for highly motivated students who are willing to help others. If you have good communication skills and enjoy sharing your knowledge please apply to be a tutor.
• Tutors must be currently enrolled at UB as an undergraduate or graduate student and in good academic standing with at least one semester completed.
• Need to be available at least 6 hours per week but could work up to 15 hours per week depending on demand.
• Must have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
• Need to have an A- or above or in the course that they wish to tutor in.
All students interested in becoming a tutor or academic coach can apply directly through our website at:
Any questions email


National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF GRFP) Workshop Series July 26, 27, 28 and 29

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National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF GRFP) Workshop Series This four-part workshop series is designed for first-year PhD students and rising seniors in STEM to learn about criteria for the NSF GRFP, what the review panels are looking for and how to write a strong research proposal.
Dates: July 26, 27, 28 and 29
Time: 9-10:30 a.m.
Register for the NSF GRFP Workshop Series