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ELP 200: Foundations of Eduation Policy and Leadership for Social Justice Fall 2022

Posted by Tim on May 10, 2022 in Academics

Are you interested in educational equity, economic justice, and global human rights? Do you want to learn key policy and leadership skills to help make a difference in communities, schools, and multiple levels of governance? Do you maybe want to earn a UB minor in this content? If so, then ELP 200 is for you. This course introduces undergraduate students to what leading critical politics and policy scholars have to say about K-12 educational equity concerns, policies, and leadership practice. Students also will explore how their identity and views of leadership matter to developing policy and building inclusive social environments – in this case, school environments. Course material largely pulls from the discipline of education, but the course also introduces students to engaging in interdisciplinary scholarship. Course activities and assignments provide students with opportunities to develop critical sense-making about policy and leadership in a way that empowers them to become advocates on global, national, and local issues.

Undergraduate Course for Fall 2022
ELP 200: Foundations of Education Policy and Leadership for Social Justice
Registration: 23734 / 3 credit hours

Tuesday, 12:45-3:25 pm Baldy 474 Hybrid/Synchronous
For more information please contact: Melinda Lemke, PhD, Honors College,