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Informal Shakespeare Reading Group Spring 2020

Posted by Tim on January 22, 2020 in Community Announcements, Event, Networking, Stress Relief

Spring 2020 marks the eighth year of our informal non-credit Shakespeare Reading Group, first convened by UB Honors College Director Andy Stott at the behest of several bright STEM students, mentored since then by me, convened for the last four years by English Department BA/MA Shaun Nowicki.  Together we’ve managed to read around the room and “play” through almost the entire canon and also a number of other great plays from the early modern period, as well as occasionally screen or attend live performances.  It’s been a great corollary to formal course work, and a great source of camaraderie and fun. With Shaun’s graduation this coming May and my retirement this coming August we’ll be looking for new leadership and continuity.

Here’s Shaun’s preliminary announcement of the tentative line-up for this coming spring semester.  If you are interested, please let him know at, and he will in turn let you know about the time and place for our weekly one-hour meetings.  Then all you need to do is show up with your printed text or your laptop.  These days most of us just plug in and read out loud—at the rate of about one Act a week, or three full-length plays over the course of the semester—moving around the room and taking new parts at each change of scene.