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Intro to Indigenous Peoples & The Environment Fall 2021

Posted by Tim on August 23, 2021 in Academics

Here is another AMS class that is available this Fall 2021!

FALL 2021 – AMS 113American Lives & Environments:INTRODUCTION TO INDIGENOUS PEOPLES AND THE ENVIRONMENTIndigenous people around the globe are often at the forefront and frontlines of environmental justice efforts, confronting climate change, resource extraction, and pollution. Recently, the “#NoDAPL” movement and widespread opposition to gas and oil pipeline projects have brought global awareness to the many ways Native nations and communities work to protect the land, air, and water of their traditional territories. The climate situation and sustainability concerns have also intensified public interest in local Indigenous ways of knowing the environment. As a result, Indigenous knowledge is increasingly being put into conversation with mainstream Western science to enact change and address these critical issues. This course will provide an overview of North American Indigenous peoples’ environmental relationships from pre-1492 to the present. Our focus on land-based practices, philosophies, pedagogies, and land defense will cover a range of topics including hunting, fishing, water rights, food sovereignty, and opposition to environmentally damaging projects on Indigenous homelands. Through attention to historic, political, social, economic, and environmental factors shaping the human ecology of Indigenous peoples, this course will explore issues of identity, worldviews, ethics, power dynamics, resiliency, environmental justice, and sustainability through the works of Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars. This is an introductory level course. No prior knowledge of Indigenous studies is required.
Instructor: Dr. Jason Corwin (Seneca Nation, Deer Clan) Day/Time: Tues/Thurs 2:20-3:35pm Location: 440 Park Hall Class #:25198