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Spring Honors Seminar TH 540: Graduate Studio with Professor Lindsay Hunter

Posted by Tim on November 16, 2020 in Academics, Honors Experiences

TH 540: Graduate Studio.  

Fr 1:30PM – 4:10PM

Instructor: Lindsay Hunter


In this course, students integrate critical studies with practical performance through small, focused projects. Students expand their depth of knowledge in performance theory while developing creative work, bringing together their intellectual and artistic interests.  In Spring 2021, the course will be offered online, and students will produce either digital works of art (and scholarship) or safely produced and documented live performances.  A particular emphasis of the course this term will be the tension between liveness and mediation present in digitized, documented, and live-streamed work; possible guest artist involvement includes workshops on live digital production with New York performance company Anonymous Ensemble.  We will also consider the possibilities of software, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in the production of new collaborative performance works, including in the work of artists like Gillian Wearing and Annie Dorsen, and potentially address those possibilities collaboratively with students in computer science and engineering.