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Teaching Assistant Opportunity with Buffalo Public Schools

Posted by Tim on April 26, 2021 in Honors Experiences, Teaching Opportunities

I am looking for students that have an interest in supporting high school students taking Regents Living Environment.  We have a grant to fund a program which pairs UB students with Living Environment teachers in Buffalo Public Schools.  The UB students will support the teacher and students by working together to develop strategies to increase the efficiency of teaching and students’ understandings. 

This is a full academic year commitment.  UB students will enroll in a 3 credit course during the fall semester.  One hour each week will be spent in class, discussing science literacy strategies and planning lessons to bring into the classes.  Students will spend 4 hours per week in the high school classroom.  The same students will continue to work with their partner teachers during the spring semester, for 4 hours per week, in a paid position.  Interested students should reach out to me, as approval is required to enroll.

Sandra K. Small, Ph.D. | Science Education Manager

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