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Tutoring & Academic Support Services Drop-In Tutoring April 27-May 8

Posted by Tim on April 20, 2020 in Networking, Tutoring

April 27-May 8 TASS will be offering drop in tutoring (no appointment needed)
Tutor: Sarah Subjects: BIO 201 Days and Times: Mon and Wed. 11am-1pm
Tutor: Thomas Subjects: CHE202 Days and Times: Thurs. 2-3pm
Tutor: Isaac Subjects: CHE101, 102,107,108 Days and Times Tue. 4-6pm
Subjects PHY 101,102,107,108 Days and Times Thurs. 12-2pm
Tutor: Avery Subjects PHY01,102,107,108 and EAS 230 Days and Times Tue and Thurs. 1-3pm
Tutor: Peter Subjects PSY 101 Days and Times Wed and Fri 4-6pm
Tutor: Veronica Subjects: STA 119 Days and Times: Wed. 12pm-2pm