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UB Study Abroad Alumni Spotlight: Alexandria Colling

Posted by Tim on March 7, 2022 in Alumni, Honors Experiences, Study Abroad

We are happy to share the March 2022 edition of our UB Study Abroad Alumni Spotlight series, which highlights the impact that studying abroad, has had on the careers and lives of UB Alumni! Along with sending students abroad this semester to Denmark, France, and on the Semester at Sea Program, I’m happy to add South Korea to the list. Although international travel comes with its challenges, especially during these times, we are happy to report that our students are doing well and enjoying their time overseas.

Meet Alexandria Colling, UB Study Abroad Alumna, and hear her speak about how participating in three study abroad programs (SUNY Brockport – Antarctica Winter 2013 Program, UB – Denmark: Technical University of Denmark Fall 2013 Program, and SUNY Albany – Finland: Field Course in Terrestrial Animals Summer 2014 Program) helped not only expose her to a career in Environmental Science, but prepared her to pursue her M.S. in Ecology and Biodiversity at Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium. Alexandria earned a B.S. in Environmental Studies and a B.A. in Psychology from UB. Not having met many people from different countries before, she values her study abroad programs for giving her another point of view from which to draw and has been able to use her study abroad experiences to help her stand out in job interviews. As a biologist, Alexandria highlighted her international experiences by creating a section on her résumé titled Field Experience and Fieldwork to include the projects she worked on while studying abroad in Antarctica and Finland. Alexandria is now a NEPA Specialist in Denver, Colorado and credits her study abroad programs to making her a better person!