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Obama Voyager Scholarship Deadline to apply is June 14

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Are you passionate about public service? Did you just complete sophomore year? Then you need to check out this award!

Michelle and Barack Obama partnered with Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky to create The Voyager Scholarship. This award is for students who intend careers in public service—government, non-profit, community organizing, social work, entrepreneurship, the arts and more.
Winners receive: Up to $50,000 ($25,000 per year for their final two years) in financial aid. A $10,000 summer stipend and free Airbnb housing to go on a summer work-travel between junior and senior year. A 10-year travel stipend. Airbnb will give students $2,000 in travel credits every year for 10 years, totaling $20,000. Invitation to annual fall summit. Access to a network of like-minded leaders and public servants. 
Apply next month!
Application due: June 14, 2022
Find more information and apply on The Voyager Scholarship website.
Applicants must: Be enrolled full-time for their junior year of study during Fall 2022. Have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Have a demonstrated commitment to public service. Plan to pursue a career in public service upon graduation. A U.S. citizen or permanent resident or a DACA recipient. 
Want feedback on your application?
Make an appointment with H Fogarty
Office of Fellowships and Scholarships advisor
Please contact the Office of Fellowships and Scholarships at if you have any questions.

Statement to the Honors College Community

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Dear Honors Scholars, 

The Honors College is both saddened and outraged by the mass shooting at the Tops Market on Saturday. While an attack on any in our community is an attack on us all, we recognize that the specific targeting of the Black community makes this event particularly traumatic for our students and neighbors of color. 

We encourage all students who have been affected to utilize the many resources UB offers, including UB’s Counseling Services. Please reach out to us if you would like guidance on these resources. 

The Honors College is an intellectual community dedicated to producing engaged leaders who will make the world a better place. The hateful and racist ideology embraced by the shooter is antithetical to all that we stand for and believe in. As President Tripathi stated, it is our obligation to combat hate. So, as we begin to heal, let us also reflect on how we can contribute to making this a more just world, where we all can pursue our lives in safety and free from fear. 

Statements of principles are only a first step. We believe that we have an important role to play in the work that needs to be done as we strive toward a more equitable and anti-racist society. 

On behalf of the Honors College staff,

Patrick F. McDevitt


EOP Academic Tutor Opportunity

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We Are Hiring EOP Academic Tutors! Apply Now<>!!

[Four student leaders talking and laughing.]

The EOP department is in the process of hiring Academic Tutor’s for the upcoming Summer, Fall and Spring semesters. Applicants who select to tutor during the summer will participate as a part of the EOP Summer Bridge Program .

The Summer Tutor position is responsible for providing tutoring support in the areas of Math or Sociology. EOP Summer Bridge Tutors provide academic support and create an open atmosphere of learning for all EOP students. Tutors will serve as a resource and role model to EOP students while providing academic assistance over the course of 5 weeks. The first three weeks will be in-person, tutors will be required to be on campus during this time. The last two weeks will be virtual. The summer program will take place on July 3-August 6 2022.

*Please note: Fall and Spring Applications are accepted until positions are filled. Summer Applications<> will be due by Monday, May 16, 2022.

Job Responsibilities

  *   Serve as In-class Teaching Assistant

  *   Provide individual or small group tutoring to students

  *   Assist with assessing the academic needs of students and develop educational plans for improvement

  *   Maintain documentation on student progress and success

  *   Communicate student progress to EOP counselors and staff

Minimum Requirements

  *   Sufficient knowledge and background in calculus, intermediate algebra, and trigonometry

  *   Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing

  *   Effective time management and organizational skills

  *   Ability to cooperate with students, colleagues, and staff

  *   Able to work in-person on campus during the program duration


  *   Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0

  *   At least sophomore standing or higher

  *   Have earned an A- or better in the following course(s): MTH141, ULC147, ULC148, SOC211

If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact the EOP Office at 716-645-3072. Click Here to Apply Today!<


ELP 200: Foundations of Eduation Policy and Leadership for Social Justice Fall 2022

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Are you interested in educational equity, economic justice, and global human rights? Do you want to learn key policy and leadership skills to help make a difference in communities, schools, and multiple levels of governance? Do you maybe want to earn a UB minor in this content? If so, then ELP 200 is for you. This course introduces undergraduate students to what leading critical politics and policy scholars have to say about K-12 educational equity concerns, policies, and leadership practice. Students also will explore how their identity and views of leadership matter to developing policy and building inclusive social environments – in this case, school environments. Course material largely pulls from the discipline of education, but the course also introduces students to engaging in interdisciplinary scholarship. Course activities and assignments provide students with opportunities to develop critical sense-making about policy and leadership in a way that empowers them to become advocates on global, national, and local issues.

Undergraduate Course for Fall 2022
ELP 200: Foundations of Education Policy and Leadership for Social Justice
Registration: 23734 / 3 credit hours

Tuesday, 12:45-3:25 pm Baldy 474 Hybrid/Synchronous
For more information please contact: Melinda Lemke, PhD, Honors College,


CDA 101 Introduction to Computers and Information Systems Added to Summer 2022

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If there are any undergraduate students who need a general elective over the summer, CDA 101LEC Introduction to Computers and Information Systems has been added to the summer schedule under 6 week session 1.  This class is 100% online, asynchronous format.

Registration is open but if students need any assistance, they can contact<>.


UB Arts Collaboratory Invites students to apply for new interdisciplinary experiential class-Fall 2022

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UB Arts Collaboratory invites all students to apply for a
Fall 2022 new interdisciplinary experiential class
400 level, 3 credits, no pre-reqs. for undergraduates
500 level for graduate students
Working Artists Lab with Dara Friedman
Fridays 2:30-4:50pm, and select Saturdays during September and October 3 credits. No prerequisites.
Directed by Prof. Maria S. Horne and Arts Collaboratory Director Bronwyn Keenan, this course presents students with the opportunity to witness and participate in the production process of live art and to collaborate across disciplines with international guest artists, UB faculty, students and community partners. Our Fall ‘22 UB Arts Collaboratory Working Artists Lab will host international guest artist Dara Friedman, in residency, as Dara leads us through the creation process of a labyrinth, River Hill, at Silo City under the care and guidance of ecologist Josh Smith. Additionally, the Lab has invited professional artists and researchers from multiple disciplines to join us in this inspiring project. To quote Robin Wall Kimmerer, “Perhaps that is what we need. Artists as foresters…poets as ecologists.”
Specifically, this course aims to bring together a “company” of students. Company here is understood as a group of students who come together, united with a shared purpose to work, learn, provide friendship and enjoyment in sight of fulfilling a shared purpose. The shared purpose of this course is to deepen our understanding and commitment to conflict resolution. We will be using the below noted modalities to collectively learn how to navigate blockages, perceived or otherwise, in order to heal and gain wisdom in our relationships: personal, interpersonal, and with the world at large. At the same time, the course itself is an artwork, a Gesamtkustwerk, created from our collective parts.
TH 411 Theatre Workshop/ TH 513 Special Topics*
Rolling admissions with early decision for applications received by May 1.
To apply, fill out the application form included below. Seats are limited.
Application will remain open until all seats are filled.
Collaborate on the creative process and construction of a labyrinth, River Hill, at Silo City

  • There is the possibility of scholarships for graduate students.
    (Please make a note if you would like to be considered for such a scholarship.)
    Course Descirption
    For more information about the Arts Collaboratory’s Working Artists Labs, please visit:
    The focus and second classroom of this course will be centered around the creation of a labyrinth, River Hill, at Silo City under the care and guidance of ecologist Josh Smith. The hill will become a highly attractive, hardy and fine smelling pollinator garden transforming the current brownfield at Silo City and consisting of a 1,450 ft long path mowed through introduced yarrow. The intention of River Hill is to be an active monument used for positive transformation and growth. The design of this labyrinth is a confluence of the striking meander of the Buffalo River, Silo City’s location, and ancient, sacred Ariadne style labyrinth design. As a filmmaker Dara understands the physical movement through the labyrinth as a movie of sorts with the potential for an emotional development or shift. The saying goes, “It’s a movie. Make it move.”
    What the labyrinth does as a walking meditation is physically pivot the body to see the world (inner and outer) from opposite perspectives. This winding and unwinding physically changes the walker’s point of view along the path. While designing and building the labyrinth we will also be learning conflict resolution through the physical practice of Aikido led by artist Spencer Sweeney. Aikido uses spiraling movements to shift the direction a challenger’s, or our own nose is facing. This spiraling circular motion is called aiki and is born from a commitment to peaceful resolution when antagonized by refusing to play a zero-sum game of winners and losers. We will work on creating a muscle memory of the spiraling and pivoting motion with the understanding that a change of perspective can happen in the blink of an eye.
    Additional modalities addressed in the class will be Game Theory, Breathwork, Contact Improvisation, Land Art, Chladni patterns to chart physical vibration, Filmmaking and screenings, and the concept of Reciprocal Giving, among others. Texts covered in the class will be Mystic Spiral: Journey of the Soul by Jill Purce; Giving in to Get Your Way by Terry Dobson; Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert, and Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer among others.

About the UB Arts Collaboratory Working Artists Lab
The UB Arts Collaboratory Working Artists Labs are designed to allow Buffalo artists, UB students, faculty, and visiting artists to develop new work and collaborate across disciplines. Leading figures in the arts are invited by the Arts Collaboratory to engage with the UB and Buffalo arts communities, and over the course of a semester, UB students learn what it’s like to be out in the world as a working artist. Previous Labs have been led by Grandmaster Flash (Fall 2021), Cecily Brown (Spring 2021), Michael Mwenso (Fall 2020), and Alan Zweibel (Spring 2020). To realize many of these Labs, the Arts Collaboratory forged an essential partnership with Maria S. Horne, Director of the IACE Program and associate professor in the Department of Theatre and Dance.
About Dara Friedman
Dara Friedman is a German born artist and filmmaker working in Miami. She uses everyday sights and sounds as the raw material for film and video artworks that reverberate with emotional energy. With a background in structural film and dance, Friedman’s cinema calls for a radical reduction of the medium to its most essential material properties. In place of linear storylines, her films typically portray straightforward actions and situations that unfold according to predetermined rules and guidelines. Yet for all of Friedman’s strenuous logic and discipline, her approach remains unabashedly sensual and emotive. Bearing rich imagery and a strong emphasis on bodily experience, her films generate moments of high-pitched, cathartic intensity as well as serene, even euphoric interludes.
Dara Friedman, River Hill labyrinth plan, Silo City, Buffalo

Working Artists Lab with
Dara Friedman
We invite you to complete the Working Artists Lab with Dara Friedman student application for Fall 2022. Please address ALL the questions within each section. If you would like more information about the Lab, please contact Bronwyn Keenan, Director for the Arts Collaboratory, by email at
UB Email Address:
Phone Number:
Instagram Handle:
Academic Department:
Academic Level and Anticipated Graduation Date:
Personal Statement:
Please write a brief statement indicating why you are interested in participating.
*Graduate students ONLY: if you would like to be considered for a scholarship, please address it here.